Ezri is the ninth Host for the symbiont known as "Dax". The Trill are a symbiotic race whose symbionants can live several lifetimes in different hosts. Dax is hundreds of years old though Ezri is quite young. Ezri was not prepared for her joining as is standard practice; she was joined because no one else was available. But as a counselor, Ezri has a strong sense of self and was able to adapt to her circumstances. She became as essential to the people who inhabit Deep Space Nine as Jadzia was before her...

Vital Statistics :

Name : Ezri Dax
Rank : Ensign
Assignment/Duties : Station Counselor
Station : Deep Space Nine
Relationships : Ezri, like Jadzia and Curzon,
was close to her Captain Ben
Sisko. She has a strange but
strong relationship with Jadzia's
husband, Worf. She has found
happiness and love with the
station's CMO Dr. Julian Bashir
who always loved Jadzia but has
fallen truly in love with Ezri
Portrayed by : Nicole deBoer
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