Experience the Divine Feminine Energy with Malachite


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Since ancient times, the swirled green Malachite gemstone has been known for its healing properties. The stone got its name from the Greek word, malakos which means soft. Not just the Greeks, the Egyptians too adored the gleaming beauty of the gemstone. Healers used it to cure ailments and to create protective charms.

Healing properties of the malachite stone

Malachite stone is known for maintaining blood pressure, taking care of the heart, broken bones, and removing toxicity. It connects directly to the heart chakra and thus helps maintain the balance between body, mind, and soul.


Physical healing properties 

Malachite stone has intense feminine energy, which helps with menstrual problems and better blood flow during labor pains. Also, the stone helps keep the blood pressure low. It heals broken bones, torn muscles, or aching joints. Malachite stone is known to manage fears, not just emotionally but other phobias too. Thus, travelers have long used it to deal with their fears during the journey. The stone helps deal with pouncing hearts or travel sicknesses.


Emotional healing properties 

Malachite is a highly reliable stone when dealing with mental and emotional disbalance. The stone keeps negative energies far away from the bearer. It provides confidence and courage to the one carrying it. Whenever the situations turn odd, the protective charms of the stone make the person conscious and help them make better decisions. Also, the stone provides an individual the strength to embrace life changes. It helps one come out of their comfort zone and remain calm and balanced in emotional situations.You can buy Malachite stone online from Kiran Gems


Metaphysical properties

Malachite stone awakens the heart chakra to release love and joy from the soul. Not just the heart chakra, the stone targets the third eye chakra and the solar plexus chakra to keep its bearer calm, focussed, and grounded.


Get yourself benefitted with the brimming energy of Malachite stone.

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The stone's aura is calming and will help develop inner peace. Even if you are stressed, or you struggle with any phobias, you must  buy malachite pendants online and give it a chance to help you out.