(Tewa, Apache, and Chickahominy)
                     Matoaka Little Eagle has introduced people to Native American culture, using music, dance and storytelling, since childhood.  She has taught in several Native educational programs in the Northeast and has presented workshops and classes for students of all levels, teachers, administrators, and the general public. 
In her collaborations with several vocal groups, theater ensembles, and Native dance troupes, she has traveled the US, Canada, and Europe. Singularly and/or with brother, Powhatan, she has presented programs to over 15,000 people in educational and cultural settings to help dispel stereotypes and to share the vitality and richness of Native cultures.  Their collaboration is called "Native American Tales and Journeys."  They have taught classes and workshops at numerous colleges, universities, institutes for arts in education, public and private schools, and community events, throughout the Northeast.  In 1992, they performed in Frankfurt and Dresden, Germany in a John Cage concert called, "Renga, Apartment House 1776."

                     Matoaka resides in New Paltz, New York.  She continues to do educational work and is currently a member of the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers, a scholarship fund raising and cultural organization, based in New York City.  For her "day" job, she is a community follow-up worker for a community service organization in Kingston.


A storyteller and musician, "Pow", as he likes to be called, has performed at many libraries, museums, schools, colleges, festivals, concerts, non-for profit organizations, educational workshops and Native American gatherings. He has been a guest artist for recordings. He is also a silversmith and flute maker. Powhatan tells stories from a variety of Native American Nations as well as sings and plays traditional and contemporary music. The traditional stories and songs used in his programs have been told, sung and passed down from generation to generation. Pow has worked with such notables as, his sister, Matoaka Little Eagle, David Amram, Pete Seeger, Hugh Brody, The Hawk Project, Johnnie Moses, Dr. Joseph Bruchac, and James Bruchac. He has had the privilege to perform at Saint John the Divine Cathedral, Albany State Museum,        Town Hall, Symphony Space, Lincoln Center and  Kanatsiohareke, the traditional Mohawk community in Fonda, New York. Powhatan has used his years of experience to develop programs that entertains and educates people of all ages.
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