Never Alone

Artist: Vanessa Bell-Armstrong

You don't know the half of it
Nor would you believe
What God has done
For me
Today I stand before you
A living testimony
This last trial looked like it was gonna take me out of here
I wanted to give up
Couldnt for your grace and your mercy
I have this blessed assurance
He'll never leave me alone

You don't know the have it 
Don't go by what you see
Looks can be deceiving
And if you take a real good look 
You see God's been really reall really good to me
The devil thought he had me 
I wanted to give up 
There were times I couldn't pray for myself
I almost forfeit my own promise
But I hung in there, I didnt give up 
But now all I can say
Is thank you
Thank you
You never leave me alone

He'll never leave you alone
(repeat 3x)
He'll never leave you

Hold on
Take him at his word
Be strong
He'll never leave you alone
(repeat 4x)

He'll never leave you alone
(repeat 2x)

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