A Midnight Thought

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Written by:  Kimagure Angel

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Spoilers Alert!

Why do I love him so much?  With all the ghosts in Kenshin's past, why do I
still love him?  I know exactly why; it's because he has always been here for me.

When we first met, I was so foolish, challenging the Hitokiri Battousai like I
did.  But there was something about him that, even knowing who he once was, made me want to know more about him, as a person.  Even back then you could see the pain of what he had done in his eyes.

That was three years ago.  We've been through a lot since then.  There were times where I thought that he had left for good by either turning into the hitokiri, or near fatal wounds, or just by simply leaving.  And I know there were times that he thought he had lost me.  Hopefully neither of us will have to go through that again.

Things have gone so much better for us this last year.  In March we were finally married.  It was so beautiful with all the cherry blossoms just starting to fall.  I still can't believe how shocked everybody was when they found out that Kenshin had asked me to marry him.  But no matter how shocked everyone was, they were still happy for us, even Megumi.  I'm just glad that he's willing to let himself love and be loved again.  Even though I was kind of disappointed when I found out that he had been married before (actually, I wasn't really disappointed, I was worried that he wouldn't want a tomboy like me), but seeing how guilty and hurt he looked when he told us about what happened to Tomoe (that was his first wife's name), made me want to cry for him.

I hope I never have to go through something like that.  It was hard enough watching him leave when he went to Kyoto.  I was such a mess right after he left.  I didn't want to do anything but lay down and cry (and you better believe I did my fair share of that).  Surprisingly enough, it was Megumi that got me to stop wallowing and made me realize that if I wanted him back, sitting and crying my eyes out wasn't going to cut it.  I had to go and bring him back and convince him that the things that had happened weren't his fault.

When we finally found him in Kyoto, it was so funny seeing how shocked he was seeing us there, me and Yahiko that is.  But I also saw something I know he hoped that I would never see—him as the Hitokiri Battousai.  I just wish he'd realize that even with that other half of him always being there, that I will always love him.

Oh well, soon we'll have something new to focus on, our child.  I was worried about how he'd take it at first, but I should have known he'd be happy about it.  It kind of annoys me though how he now watches me like a hawk, always worried that something is going to go wrong, that he's going to loose someone he loves yet again.

I guess I'd better try to go back to sleep before he starts thinking something's wrong.  I'm kind of surprised that he hasn't noticed that I'm awake yet.  Oh well, good night my dearest Kenshin, may your dreams be happy ones.  I know all of mine will be of you.

Author's Rantings:
Well, this is the second in a series of short fics I'm planning to write.  I decided to write this not long after I finished AMT:  Kenshin.  I figured that even though it's usually Kenshin we see worrying about everything, Kaoru has her own worries, too.  Arigatou, minna for reading and please let me know what you think, onegaishimasu.

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