The Martin Family


Kirtland, Lake County, Ohio {abt. 1898}

Row 1 L/R (standing) William Royer; John William "Jack" McCann; George Martin; Minnie Martin; Eugene Lamos; Elroy Stewart; Alvena (Martin) (Stewart) McCann; William Martin; Elizabeth Martin; May Martin
Row 2 (sitting) Sylvia (Martin) Royer; Lucy (Martin) Royer; Lillian (Martin) Lamos; Clarissa (Fowler) Stewart; Clarissa (Button) Martin; Lafayette Martin
Row 3 (children) Leslie Royer; Leon Royer; Mable Martin; Pearl T. Stewart

The above picture was contributed to me by Lois (Beckwith) Imm from Texas back in 1996. That was the time I began working my way to the present to see if distant relatives had information from the past. I was delighted that she had all the names as well, to place a picture to all the names that I had been researching!  The Martin family owned land at the bottom of the hill in Kirtland along the river in the 1800's. A lot of these people are buried in the Willoughby Village Cemetery.  I have more information to share if you are interested. 


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