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"It is a noble faculty of ours which enables us to collect our thoughts, our sympathies and our happiness with what is distant in place or times - to hold communion with our ancestors.  We become their contemporaries, live the lives they lived, endure what they have endured and partake of the rewards which they have enjoyed."

~Daniel Webster


Hello and welcome to my Genealogy Page! These pages will continue to be updated...enjoy your visit!


When I was in the seventh grade I took on an extra credit project in my Social Studies class. It was compiling together my family tree.  At that time, my great grandmother KING and grandparents were alive. I asked a hundred questions to my relatives, gathered the names, dates of people and places and had a basic family tree that only went back three generations. The older relatives were delighted that someone questioned their past history. That was the beginning of my fascination with genealogy research.  

In 1995 - I resumed an active research of my family lines when I was married.  It was important for me to leave information on our family tree for my children.  At first, I had only the names and dates of my parents, grandparents and a few great-grandparents.  The social security death index was not online yet and were on C.D.'s at the LDS Family History Center Library!  

Over the next few years, I became an active member of several genealogy societies.  Volunteer work for research was rewarding for me. I collected data in many ways.  Three sources of documentation of each factual event was my goal. In the beginning, I requested information via postal mail:  copies of birth, marriage, death certificates and naturalization records of my deceased relatives.  Most of my Saturday afternoons were spent at the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland looking over hundreds of microfilms in small print.  Evenings were at the LDS Family History Center in Kirtland.  I collected copies of marriage, land, tax, U.S. Census, funeral homes, naturalization and passenger ship records, etc. My research led me to cemeteries, libraries, court houses and a trip to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.  I became involved with conducting look-ups for others that lived out of state. I hit the proverbial brick wall on many lines and began to work my way to the present.  I met distant cousins and Aunts that I never knew I had that lived in my area.  From that point I was able to obtain the older pictures I now have and heard stories about my deceased relatives.  I use Family Tree Maker by Broderbund to organize my material.  

Jump forward to 2008 - For me, genealogy research is a huge fascinating puzzle and even though I am not as active in my research as I was ten years ago, I research whenever I have the free time. Since my database is located online, over the past several years I received email from other distant cousins requesting information.  Family members have been asking me about our family tree. I put together this website to share this information (old photos, etc.)  with those individuals.  I use "Family Tree Maker" by Broderbund to organize my family history.  If you have any questions, comments, corrections or additions about the information I have, please write to me.  This is an ongoing project, please visit again for updates. 

Thanks for visiting and Happy Hunting!  




(Direct Lines)

My Paternal Heritage

I currently live in N.E. Ohio outside of Cleveland. Some of my ancestors that lived in the late 1700's to early 1800's are buried within several miles from my home. The STEWART, McGURER, HITT, MARTIN lines go back to the late 1700's in New York and Vermont before settling in Ohio about the early 1800's. Part of the FOWLER and BUTTON lines (which I am stuck on) go back prior to 1800 in the N.E. Ohio area. There were the Irish family members (DEVINE, McCLENAHAN) that migrated during the potato famine to the Philadelphia area in 1850, from there Williamsport, PA and married into the KING line. The German Bohemians (BAUM, FOCHLER, SCHROTH, FOLSNER) that migrated to Altoona, PA from Austria in 1882 for employment at the Pennsylvania railroad. The KING line (Germans, which married into the BAUMs) migrated to Williamsport, PA and then to the Altoona and Pittsburgh areas in the 1800's.  The MORRIS, SUTHERLAND lines that were in Virginia in the mid 1850's and later migrated to the Williamsport area and married into the KING line.  


My Maternal Heritage

Hungarian and Slovak lines that migrated to America from the Austria / Hungary area (which is now part of the Czech Republic or Slovakia territories) about 1906 and settled in Ohio. 



Ex-husband's Heritage:

German and English lines that migrated to America in the 1800's and earlier.  Early locations: Iowa, Kansas, California, Texas and  Indiana.  I really have not researched these lines extensively yet. I did locate my ex-husband's long lost father in 2006,  (who he was separated from when he was 3 years old).  My ex-husband (born in Houston) and our youngest son took a trip to Brazil (where his father currently lives) in June, 2007 to meet him.                                                                                           



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