Surely, I don't need to make any introductions to this anime, Everyone in the world knows it...
What?!?! You don't know POKEMON? wher do you live, PLUTO?!?!

Nope, just kidding. Even one of my sister's first words were "PIKA PIKAA".

I myself went through a period of craziness over it. It was just so cool.

My favorite pokemon by the way is Squirtle. Squirtle was just so Kawaii in those pointy "Mamoru" shades. I was so happy to see him wear it again in the episode where a jigglypuff was stuck in the blast thingy of a Blastoise.

Anyway, what took me out of the craze, you say?
A pokemon quiz book. Everything you need and should know about Pokemon. It has a grading system in which when you get more than 200, you're considered a Pokemon Master.

Mizume started commenting that I was too into Pokemon I didn't want to believe her so, to see it for myself, i bought the book, and to my surprise, I got 243 excluding the gameboy part 'coz i don't have one but I still am in the highest category.

That quiz just kinda snapped me back to reality. So, my advise, if your somewhat like me, and if you don't want to get back to the real world, don't listen to your friends!

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