Fushigi Yuugi

'sigh' How heavenly!!!

I'm actually planning on making a Fushigi Yuugi site with this background. what do you think?

Sadly, I've only watched about 3 episodes of this great anime. It's one of those " 3 episodes isn't enough" shows ( also on the list is Escaflowne).

Anyway, so far I have no say on this anime, except that the first three episodes are okay. But the animation is cool too. Ofcourse, Tasuki is the most
GOOD LOOKIN' of them all Rai-hahahahahaha!!! (an irritating Ayeka laugh)

I hated the dubbing of the channel that aired it in my country

(Miaka's voice was the same dubbed voice of Keiko in Yuyu Hakusho, and I personally hated it- no offense)

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