Flame of Recca
Expected Someone else in the main picture? Well, Tokiya just happens to be one of the cutest characters in Flame of Recca.
(Tokiya's my #16. Untill I come up with four more names, I won't place him in, I like to keep it by 5) People say Tokiya looks like Kurama,
what do you think?

Anyway, Flame of Recca is a really cool anime. The animation is realy good 'coz Tokiya and Raiha are soooo kawaii.

The main reason is Fuuku. She's a dream girl. I'd love to be in her shoes ( mainly 'coz Raiha's interested in her, Oh! How Lucky!!!) But ofcourse, Raiha'd be better off with me!!!

         (Mizume's favorite laugh also became mine!!!)

oh, and the fireworks affected me too. I love fireworks, they're just so amazing.

I don't know all of their real names but here's a diagram:
         (the character's names in MY country)

Recca - the same
Tokiya- Dylan
Fuuku- Aira

I think the voices and the names add to each ones personality, don't you think? Now, I like the name Dylan already!!!
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