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Open Gym Equipment

Top 7 Open Gym Equipment Help To Enjoy Workouts in Fresh Air! 

Today in this era, open gyms have become a trend. You will find them in every society, Community Park. If you are also looking to install them in your park area? We Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. are one of the prominent Open Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi, who offer you a vast range of equipments to practice in the fresh air. Our team of experts supervises every detail during manufacturing to ensure the safety of our products. We double-check the quality standard before delivering it to the end users. Our dedication and hard work make us the talk of the town. In this blog, we learn about the top Open Gym Equipment that helps you to be fit and healthy and makes your workouts breezy.

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Top 7 Open Gym Equipment:

Ab Cruncher:

If you are a person who wants to give strength to your abdominal muscles, so for this Ab Cruncher is designed in an open gym that is a piece of perfect and efficient equipment that strengthen your muscles. Practicing on this Ab Cruncher bless you with the abs, loved by every person.

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Dip Bar:

The dip bar is designed in such a way that it offers strength t various muscles of our body. When one practice, it targets the chest, shoulders, triceps, upper back, and lower back muscles and increases their strength. It also improves your body posture and is uncomplicated to use.

Cross Trainer:

Cross Trainer is also known as elliptical trainers. It boosts body stamina and is the best workout equipment for cardio capacity. When you are on it, it leads to less stress on your joints and gives you a perfect body shape. It also helps to burn more calories and loses weight. 

Rowing Machine:

Rowing Machine is perfect for those who have back and joint injuries. It gives you a feeling that you are not performing any exercise but building up your muscles. It is one of the super-adaptable workouts that result in significant calorie burn and increases the stamina of your body.

Shoulder Press:

As the name suggests, this Outdoor Gym Equipment increases the strength of the shoulders. When you are practicing on it, you’re abdominal and hip muscles are engaged. It gives potency to your shoulder, triceps, trapezius muscles, and spinal stabilizers. So for better body muscles go on shoulder press.


If willing to burn the fat on your leg and increase your strength? Stepper is the best Open Park Gym Equipment that helps you in both. It boosts your cardiovascular health and burns calories to attain ideal body weight. It allows you to correct your body posture and ensures fewer back strains and injuries.

Exercise Bikes:

Exercise Bikes Open Air Gym Equipment that allows you to establish control of your body. It helps in weight loss by burning body fat. It strengthens your legs and lower body muscles and boosts your cardio fitness. These bikes are easy to operate, and you can run them according to your workout capacity.

These are the top 7 Open Gym Equipment that helps in attaining the best figure out of you. We are one of the trusted Playground Equipment Manufacturers in India and value your needs, so customize the Playground Equipment to satisfy your desire. We are committed to offering you nothing but the best product, service, and support. Get in touch with our experts to know more about us, or drop your query here.


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Garden Gym Equipment
Garden Gym Equipment

We believe strong equipment is safety equipment and for these kinds of products, safety is of utmost importance. Hence, all the equipment we sell is commercial-grade and needs minimum maintenance. Our Garden Gym Equipmentcomes with a warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the repair cost. While safety is essential, we also keep in mind the looks of a product and that’s why all our items are available in various colours which gives you multiple options to choose from.

We make exercising fun with the products we offer and set the standard of excellence in the fitness industry. We supply the best Garden Gym Equipment to our clients at the best price.

Open Air Gym Equipment
Open Air Gym Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment creates a unique experience for park patrons. The open-air experience creates a healthier option than an enclosed gym and allows guests to come and go as they please, no matter the time of day. We manufacture Open Air Gym Equipment that would attract fitness-oriented individuals. It enables people toenjoy exercising along with those who may be intimidated by a traditional gym setting. 

We develop Open Air Gym Equipmentthat offers a full body workout by targeting the arms, back and core. Our equipmentrequires no electricity, is low maintenance, and uses very few human resources. Most of the materials used in their construction, including aluminium, steel, and sustainable plastics, are recyclable. 

Park Gym Equipment
Park Gym Equipment

Enjoy a workout in open by using outdoor gym equipment meant for use by the public. Workouts in the open have their health benefits. Outdoor workouts in the early morning can boost the body, mind, and mood. This equipment has been designed for everyone and any age group.Park Gym Equipment can be placed in parks and playgrounds in your area or neighbouring areas

This Park Gym Equipmentis designed for enhancing the flexibility of the body. If done regularly then they can deliver various cardiovascular benefits to the exerciser. In recent years Kidzlet has emerged as one of the best outdoor open gym equipment manufacturers across the country.

Open Park Exercise Equipment
Open Park Exercise Equipment

We are one of the trusted Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi and offer a wide range of gym equipment in Delhi at an affordable price. Exercising regularly and being a part in gym workouts to stay fit and healthy is a mandatory part of this stressful lifestyle. By making children play and work out with Open Park Exercise Equipment, we make them aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 

Open Park Exercise Equipment is adequate equipment used to boost physical activity to enhance body strength and increase body fitness and muscles. These lead to enhancing and positively changing the result of an exercise routine. This outdoor fitness equipment helps to carry the workout session in a natural and calm, motivating environment.

Outdoor Fitness Gym Equipment
Outdoor Fitness Gym Equipment

Our Open Gym Equipment has been designed for everyone and any age group. Our Outdoor Fitness Gym Equipment for Parks helps in the building of muscle strength and improves balance & coordination. We have years of experience and specialization in manufacturing and installing Outdoor Gyms in parks and open spaces across the country.

Our products such as Outdoor Fitness Gym Equipment in parks and public areas help people socialize while exercising, strengthening community and interpersonal relationships. These relationships may then support increased use as participants more readily interact with each other, offering encouragement, motivation, and support.  

Outdoor Open Gym Equipment
Outdoor Open Gym Equipment

The outdoor experience is very necessary for people of every age to engage and connect with the world. The salient features of our Outdoor Open Gym Equipment are low maintenance, robust structure, excellent strength, user-friendly, simple design and enhanced durability.

We manufacture these products that are made from high-quality components.Our clients can avail us of a wide collection of the best quality Outdoor Open Gym Equipment at the best price. We have created open gym equipment after deep research and development efforts, to install the best gymequipment at parks making them easily accessible and user friendly


Open Gym Equipment Are Good Choices For You

Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. has reached an incredible milestone as we are one of the esteemed Open Gym Equipment Suppliers in Delhi, India, and hence we provide Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Swings, Slides, Merry Go Round, Multiplay Station, Seesaw, and all the Open Gym Equipment in Delhi, India at great prices. People expect to lead a healthy life and always want to be fit, for which Outdoor Gym Equipment or Open Gym Equipment can be a good option. In addition, we continually create new designs to meet your specific needs, in which we value safety as our first priority.

With years of experience, we have gained a great height in the industry, and we export our products all over the world, that's why we are one of the trusted Open Gym Equipment Exporters In Delhi, India, deals in Rope Play, Climber, Play System, Playground Swing, Jumbo Play Center and much more. We also deal in various types of Garden Furniture, Trash Bin, Outdoor Park Benches, FRP Benches, Kindergarten Furniture, Class Room Furniture and Outdoor Multiplay System In Delhi, India, once you browse our website, your search journey will end here. See our list of a huge range of products which you are looking for and we guarantee you won't find anyone better than us because our company is the first one who made equipment for special needs kids. Today we are considered a trusted Special Kids Playground Equipment Manufacturers In Delhi, India. Pulwama,Venezuela,Panchmahal,



Guidelines For Safe Open Gym Equipment Use

Safe Playground Equipment is designed under the supervision of expert professionals. Children need to be taught how to behave in the playground. It is also advisable to have safety instructions in the playground.
  1. Make sure you don't push anyone on a slide, merry-go-round, See-Saw, swing, or other sports equipment.
  2. Make sure all equipment must be used according to instructions - slides should be used on feet first, not standing on top of swings, etc.
  3. Always keep an eye on other children when jumping or running.
  4. To avoid unexpected injuries, keep food items, backpacks, and bags away from play equipment.
  5. Using wet equipment on a playground is dangerous, as it can cause slippage and falls.
  6. It should not be used when it is too hot. A fun round with a metal slide can get unbearably hot.
  7. It is important to wear clothes that are not too loose. Getting stuck in sling bags or chains on equipment can result in injury.
We are the leading Open Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi, India. Explore our wide range of Kids Playground Equipment from our website so that you can easily understand its benefits. At Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd., we supply the best quality Inflatables, Riders & Outdoor Playground Equipment in Delhi, India at affordable prices. As reputed Multiplay Station Manufacturers and Suppliers in Delhi, India, we make it possible for our clients to buy playground equipment from anywhere. Our manufactured range is made from the finest and high-quality raw material and colors, which makes them look very durable and attractive. Pulwama,Venezuela,Panchmahal,


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