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Those googly eyes look at me with pure love.

It’s hard to resist Kashnie. She spells her magic on me as she blinks her almond-shaped eyes more than usual several times a day. They have stories to tell, mischievous lies to conceal and mysteries to solve.

Fibs about staying up late at night and not being able to complete the homework.

Stories about squabbles with her classmate over a piece of cake.

Mysteries to unlock about her future self. In her mind, my little Cinderella dreams about finding her Prince Charming but shies away from sharing it.

She is full of wonder and excitement. She can lay in silence on the carpet of grass, gaze, and cheerfully point out at the big blackbirds circling overhead.

What fills me with awe is that she finds even more strange things to do.

Yes, unfortunately, I am an adult. I find it goddamn STRANGE! Maybe these little joys have withered away from my soul with the passing time and the busyness of life.

By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. I am her Aunt! She calls me Bhua. 

And, we are thick as thieves.

Thanks to Kashnie, I feel the joys of childhood again.

It’s a peculiar sight when she turns picking flowers from the lawn into a game and then makes a flower arrangement for her tiny pot on the desk.

Truly, children connect by experiencing – touching, tasting, feeling, and smelling. This is Exploration.

She can spice up your day with incessant talks about life. She can sit and chew the fat for hours on any topic under the earth if you happen to be the lucky one to join her gang.

Her opening question to start a conversation would often be “How was your day, my bestie?”

Oh! How thrilling it is for her to pretend like an adult and chatter about deep things – life, joy, peace, and simplicity.

She is a homebody on weekends with itchy feet on weekdays. This involves sitting on a couch on a Sunday and following the movie dialogues. You would burst out laughing hearing her replicate a dialogue in real-life conversations.


I love her SILLINESS!

Aren’t these stories of wonder, amusement, and joy?

Food. One of the great pleasures of life. She gives rapt attention to it. You should see her nibbling it bit by bit. The world ceases to exist at that time.

She makes me feel like the world is much more beautiful, more fun, more interesting and less complicated than I sometimes think.

“It feels that we spend our entire life trying to return to who we were as children.”


So, here’s what I learned from Aisha –

  1. Be notorious. We learn best when we enjoy ourselves.
  2. Don’t be serious day and night. Laugh often. Add a little humour to your routine.
  3. Be earnest and transparent. Done forget to be authentic in a world that always pushes you to be someone else.

There is no copyright to Aisha! There is no copyright to you as well!

  1. Realize that everything is fleeting – moments, people, experiences, job, relationships. Don’t take things for granted!
  2. “Children see magic because they look for it.” – Christopher Moore

Kids are masters of existence. These young folks are curious and fascinated by everything that goes around them. Go and find some MAGIC!

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