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History of Khedive Court #46 Daughters of Isis, Prince Hall Affiliation

Khedive Court #46 was organized on January 12th, 1921 as Pyramid Club, UD (Under Dispensation). On August 4th, 1921, the Imperial Court, Daughters of Isis, under the leadership of Imperial Commandress Dt. Agnes E.W. Goldston officially chartered Pyramid Club, as Pyramid Court #46, Daughters of Isis Prince Hall Affiliation Oasis of Birmingham; the first oasis of the D.O.I. to become chartered in the Desert of Alabama.The Court's first Illustrious Commandress, 1st and 2nd Lt. Commandress; and other chartered members were: Dt. Mary J. Heard-Orr-Illustrious Commandress; Dt. Mary L. Campbell-1st Lt. Commandress; Dt. Mary L. Brown-2nd Lt Commndress; Dt. Lillie B. Shorter; Dt. Mary B. Haney; and Dt. Callie Rowe. Appointed Special Deputy of Oasis was Noble James A. Davis, #16.

The Original Charter for Pyramid Court #46 was lost or perhaps destroyed but was re-issued by the 18th Imperial Commandress, Imperial Court, D.O.I. Dt. Ercelle Harmond Moore.
Pyramid Court #46 later changed its name to KHEDIVE (pronounced Key-Dive or KHA'DEAVE) Court #46 conforming to a constitutional edict of the Imperial Council/Court that all DOI Courts must assume the Egyptian or Arabic Name of the respective AEAONMS Temple in the Oasis.

Khedive Court is fortunate to have had 25 Past Illustrious Commandresses to have served the court; 5-Honorary Past Commandress have this honor Bestowed upon them; 9-Honorary Past Imperial Commandress; 4-Imperial Deputies of the Desert; and 11-Imperial Deputies of the Oasis. Khedive Court's 26th Illustrious Commandress is Dt. Doris Robinson.

Other Daughters from Khedive Court, have served on the Imperial Court, and other Departments. These Daughters are: Dt. Bertha L. Vance (Imperial Marshall 1948-1953); Dt. Lossie M. Carter (Imperial Deputy Directress-Honorary Past Commandress Degree 1989-1993); Dt. Barbara Bryant (Imperial Deputy Directress of Isiserettes/Medical 1989-1993 and Imperial Deputy directress of Isiserettes Nutritional Services 1998)and Dt. Vanassa Smith (Imperial Deputy Directress/Wings With Initial Networking Goal Services 1998-1999).

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