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Khedive Court #46 Divan

Imp. Deputy of the Oasis (Bham)- Dt Vanassa Smith
Imp.Deputy of the Desert of Alabama- Dt Barbara Jones

Illustrious Commandress- Dt. Doris Robinson
1st Lt. Commandress- Dt. Gwendolyn Nichols
2nd. Lt Commandress-Dt Eula Jackson
Oriental Guide- Dt. Norma Driver
High Priestess- Dt Dolores Crawford
Treasurer- Dt. Emma Bailey
Recordress- Dt. Tamekka Jones
1st Ceremonial Daughter-Dt Rita Bennett
2nd Ceremonial Daughter- Dt Carolyn Bennett
Inside Spy-Dt Flowers Shearer
Outside Spy- Dt. Brenda Bruce
Assistant Recordress- Dt Barbara Jones
Marshall- Dt Willodean Woody & Dt Ella Woody


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