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BRIEF HISTORY: Town in Northern Arabia, ruled since 1835 by the Al Rashid Amirs, Heads of the Shammar clan,  overthrown in 1921 by Saudi King Abd al Aziz. 
The country is also known as Jebel Shammar. Today, the Hail Region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.




Since ancient times, Hail has been a magnet attracting people from all points of the compass. Rock carvings and petroglyphs provide evidence of human habitation here stretching back more than 18,000 years. What has brought so many people to Hail is water.


In 1932, Hail entered a new chapter in its history. After unifying the fractious tribes of the Arabian Peninsula and subsequent founding of the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that year, King Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdul Rahman Al-Saud moved swiftly to end the instability that prevailed in much of the peninsula. With travel and commerce made safe, and the introduction of programs to develop the region, Hail soon began to blossom as it had never done before.



While preserving its old forts and historic structures, as well as its traditions and heritage, Hail has rapidly moved into the modernera. It is now a thriving center of agriculture, industry and commerce, one which its inhabitants of even a hundred years ago could not have imagined.

With the advent of stability and security in the region, the Kingdom took immediate steps to establish an infrastructure capable of bringing about the city's rapid development. A network of highways was built to connect the city to other major urban and commercial centers. A modern airport was built outside the city. These transportation facilities are to integrate the city with the rest of the country to facilitate commerce and development.


Lacking any formal schools at the time of the unification of Saudi Arabia, Hail saw its first primary school set up in 1937. That was followed by the establishment of a modern educational system that now includes hundreds of kindergarten, primary, intermediate and secondary schools. There are now more than two colleges and several vocational training institutes in Hail. Also there is a college set up by the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals which is Hail Community College HCC.

Similarly, there were no medical facilities in Hail some 60 years ago. Today, two large modern hospitals offer state-of-the-art services. These are complemented by more than 80 primary healthcare clinics in the city and its surrounding villages as well as several hundred dispensaries.


Images of Hail's clean and expansive boulevards, its many parks, both in the city and in the surrounding mountains, numerous playgrounds, historic buildings and old souq, coupled with its refreshing climate are drawing large numbers of Saudi families to visit the city, feeding a fledgling tourism industry.



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