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After raiding the ice cream parlour Nadakkavu Police filed a case (282/97). Even though some diaries and notebooks confiscated during the raid contained valuable phone numbers and other details about other influential people were confiscated on August 6, 1997, Sreedevi was arrested only on August 28. This gave ample time for the influential culprits to destroy evidence and influence the main witnesses in the case. Another list of crucial phone numbers obtained by the police also disappeared. It was only on August 28, 1997 that Sreedevi was made an accused as per IPC 366 Immoral Trafficking Act 5(1) ABC.

According to the report made by the investigation team on 17 October 1997, 165 witnesses were questioned before October 18 1997. In this report, the statements of five girls who were taken to different customers by Srilekha in return for money were also recorded. These statements were in agreement with the diary and other records confiscated by the police raid. It was revealed that Sridevi was engaged in prostitution racket to serve the rich. In the pretext of recruiting girls to work in the beauty parlour and ice cream parlour, Sridevi was using them for the sex trade. In addition to sending girls to different places, the ice cream parlour was also used as a brothel.

The investigation also revealed the names of many customers of the sex racket and on fourth September 1997 a criminal case was filed in the Kozhikkodu First Class Megistrate as per IPC 366 109 sections. Four accused where Abdulla, Khadar Kutty, Rahman (millionaire from Gulf). The fifth accused Abdul Khadar was arrested on first October 1997. Other accused - Basheer, James, Joseph, K.T.Joseph, Baby HJoseph and Mohammed Kutty - were arrested on 17 October 1997. On 22 October 1997, former Kozhikkodu Mayor T.P.Dasan, O Rajagopal were also arrested and made accused number 11 and 12 respectively. They were accused of conspiracy in the sex racket with Sridevi.

The fourth accused Abdul Rahman is a rich businessman in the Gulf countries (UAE) has property worth several crores in Kozhikkodu town. The investigating officer filed the case on 22 October 1997 as per immoral trafficking rules. An examination of the statements made by the victims (girls) mentioned in the case diary clearly indicated that former minister P K Kunjalikutty, his driver Aravindashan, Advocate Baijunath, Customs official Shafi and Customs Superintendent Vijayan were actively involved in the sex racket. Many witnesses including Mobi, Rejina, and Rajula said Kunjalikutty was a partner in the sex racket run by Sridevi. The report also quotes statements made by several girls during police interrogation.

The statement by Boby on 12 September 1997 said Sreedevi took her and Vimala (another girl) to have sex with others to a flat near Y.M.C.A. There Kunujalikutty had sex with Vimala and his driver Aravindan had sex with Boby. These sexual acts happened in adjacent rooms. Sreedevi and Vimala stayed in that flat. Bindu was paid Rs.500. The witnesses also agreed that the complaint about sex racket run by Sridevi was correct. Laila, Sheeja, Rosiline, Rajula and Vimala were also recruited by Sridevi. They were regular visitors to the ice cream parlour.

On 28 September 1997, Rajula was questioned and she said Kunjalikutty's driver Aravindan came to the Ice Cream Parlour and asked Sridevi to send Rejina and another girl. As soon as Sridevi and the girls reached a house near the Kozhikkodu stadium, former Minister Kunjalikutty also reached the house. One after another the minister had sex with both the girls. He gave Rs.1000 as remuneration. On the way, Customs Officer Vijayan who was waiting in his Maruthi car took them to a house near Kannur airport. There also the girls were used for sexual relation. Rejina was given Rs.1000 and the other girl was given Rs.750 plus a job.

Rejina said on 24 August 1997 that when she was recruited by Sridevi, there was another beautician trainee Rejula. In the ice cream parlour, she was trained to have sex with the men arranged by Sridevi. One day Sridevi took her and other gilrs (Vimala and Rejula) to a house near Perambra Stadium. After sometimes Kunjalikutty came here and the girls danced as per his demands. He made both the girls to lie down and simultaneously indulged in sex with both of them. Each one of the girl was given Rs.500 each. Sreedevi took her to another house in Shornur where Kunjalikutty used the girls. These statements were made by the girls during interrogation upto 13 September 1997.

Police investigation revealed that the unique relationship between Sreedevi and Kunjalikutty is very old. According to the police, this relationship started when she was working as a domestic servant for a retired chief engineer. She was working there when the engineer organized special parties for the former Kozhikoodu collector Amithabh Kanth (who was also the acting Mayor), former Mayar O Rajagopal and other VIPs. According to the witness made by Bindu two girls - Sabina and Saairabanu - visited Thiruvananthapuram to meet Kunjalikutty. Bindu also said she was taken to Thiruvananathapuram to meet Kunjalikutty, but as the minister was out of station, his driver Aravindashan used her for sex.

In each place, the minister and his associates reached there. Kunjalikutty, his driver Aravindashan and Sridevi were engaged in conspiracy to engage in illegal and immoral activity. There is prama facie evidence that the minister was involved in the sex racket. Even though many girls who were part of the sex racket made such strong statements against the minister, police investigation excluded Kunjalikutty. The report also mentions names like Baiju, Biscuit Abdullah and Queen Baby. All the culprits from accused number sixth to accused number ten were charged with IPC 366/109. However. Kunujalikutty who repeatedly committed more serious crime than all the other accused was not mentioned in any court cases. It is suspected that police investigation was discriminatory.

Similarly Advocate Baijunadh was not included in the main case. Rejecting the bail plea of Sridevi, the court ordered on 30th September 1997 arrest of all accused in the case. However, police did not implement this court order. In a public order dated 10 November 1997, the High Court noticed that the accused did not kidnap or force the girls to indulge in sex. Police used this order as a cover to stop arresting the accused by collecting more evidence. The statements against Kunjalikutty and other accused were made by the girls on September 30 1997. The HC order dated 10th November 1997 could not be used as a shield to protect Kunjalikutty.

Police did not bother to question two girls Laila and Suraiba. The direct statement made by Rejina in front of the magistrate named Kunjalikutty as a culprit. Police commissioner did not answer questions about the investigations conducted on the basis of Rejina's statement. The High Court was issued on the basis of evidence and facts available before the court and could not be seen as an ultimate decision for further investigation.

  Confidential Report says the IAS officer (Amitabh Kant) was a visitor to the house of a retired Chief Engineer's home where Sridevi, the main accused in the Ice Cream Parlour Case used to work. Her long relation with Kunjalikutty started from there..he had sex with two girls simultaneously...Driver Aravindan..and Kunjalikutty had sex with the girls in adjacent rooms...

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM - A confidential report by Kallada Sukumaran, former Director General of Prosecutions, who was harassed by a section of the CPIM leadership in collaboration with the help of Muslim League using the state machinery, says that Kunjalikutty, the state industry minister who is accused in the Kozhikkodu Ice Cream Parlour Case was part of the sex racket and was regularly indulged in sex with many of the girls who were working in the ice cream parlour run by Sridevi. According to this report, the First Information Report (FIR)was filed on August 6, 1997 based on the complaint lodged by a women's association Anweshi headed by K. Ajitha, a former naxalite leader. He says Mahal Beauty Parlour which was converted into R K Ice Cream Parlour after one and half years by Sreedevi, the main accused was used to lure youngsters visiting the shop to the sex racket. According to the complaint, many agents were active in providing young girls to the rich and politically influential people in Kozhikkodu. Sreedevi was working in the house of a retired chief engineer where the former collector and a senior bureaucrat in the tourism ministry Amithabyh Kanth was a visitor for special parties. Amithabh Kanth is one of the accused in another corruption case against Kunjalikutty

  Rauf is behind all the activities behind Kunjalikutty.He is Kunjalis wifes sisters husband.He was behind the karimanal issue , havala issue and lottery issue.He was the person managing all the Kunjalis girls. He has business in Coimbatore.Kothamangalam girls husband is working in his factory only.He was with 5 mobiles in Director general office and was managing lottery issue.He "pirivu" was quite famous among calicut,cochin and tvm business peoples.He is also having sandal business and having a factory in palghat.He already tried to contact rejeena,his brother and finally the director general, I really dont know our great chief minister is living in Kerala or
one of the empty Lakshadweep island


  According to Kallada sukumaran Dir gernaral of prosecution

1.The FIR registered according to the complaint from Anweshi lead by Ajitha.
2.Sridevi started "Mahal beauty parlor" near Kariyoli park and gerneral hospital.
3.After one year changed the name RKS Icecream parlor.
4.After registering the case, nadakkavu police raided beauty parlor6.8.1997 but arrested sridevi only 28.8.1997 to allowe her to destory all the info and escape big
5.Sridevi herself did prostitution and supply other girls for big fishes.
6.arrested all the 10 people.
7.Police found involvement of Kunjalikutty,Driver aravindan,shafi and vijayan from customs dept.
8.Rajeena,rajula and baby informed police about the involvement of Kunjalikutty.
9.Baby the girll involved inthis case told police that sridevi took rajula and baby to a flat near YMCA CALICUT and Kunjalikutty
had sex with vimala.
1o.sridevi took rajula and vimala to house near shornur(Ishaq villa),and Kunjalikutty had sex with rajula and driver aravindan had sex with Vimala.Sridevi gave 500 rs to Rajula.
11.sridevi took rajula and rajeena a house near perambra stadium.There rajula dance infront of kunjalikutty and had sex with rajula and rajeena in the same bed.
12.took rajeena and rajula to ishaq villa and had sex with rajeena and rajula.
13.saira banu and sabeena went to trivandrum and met kunjalikutty.There they met an engineer Mohammed.
From all this info any one can find Kunjalikutty involved or not.

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