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Vanny Knights
(Variable Nymphet Knights)
Status: Finished 20/20 eps subbed
5 DVDs with 4 episodes per disc
Sub Off Original Japanese DVDs
(which sucked since the official Vanny Knights DVDs had only 2 eps per DVD, thus 10 DVDs.  All together about $400 worth of raws)
Recommendation rating: 2 V's of 5 AA
Unfortunately, this series was really poorly done.  Bad writing, the focus isn't on the girls but on the guy, and finally it's really obvious that the girls are mainly models and not actors.

Short Rant:

I thought Vanny Knights would be a fun, silly series to translate.  It's really a live anime show. It's got CGI, action, bunny theme uniforms, etc.  It's also got some adolescent innuendo similar to  anime, which might seem offensive when seen live, so I'm thinking PG-13 maleish target audience.  It's only 20 eps so it's pretty short.

This show was made in 1999-2000, so a big theme in this show was the upcoming Millennium and all the changes that would be brought with it.  The quick and dirty story is, the main character, Fujita Kazuyuki, is this loser otaku who turns out to be the one carrying the Millennium Saber within him.  That means that he's actually Arest Horn, a legendary hero.  Demons want the Millennium Saber so that they can use it to rule the world.

Suddenly 3 girls, Arisu, Airi, and Akira, appear in Kazuyuki's life.  When they transform they become the 3 Musketeers of Arest Horn, and it's there duty to protect Kazuyuki until Arest Horn awakens.  (So the girls do all the fighting while the guy hides and cowers)

So these 3 girls move in with Kazuyuki and his little sister and the hilarity begins.

Megumi Hayashibara, the famous voice actress, sings the Ending theme.  Horie Yui (Naru from Love Hina) sings a song in this, does a voice for an animated character, and appears in real life!

Important People:
Morino Arisu / Alies Vanny:
Arisu is your run of the mill silly, kind of simple, kind and earnest girl.  She's high school age, but she quit so that she can always protect Kazuyuki. When she's not looking for part time jobs with Kazuyuki, she spends her time acting as the Fujita family maid.  She transforms into Alies Vanny when she needs to fight her enemy, the demons known as the Amore Gore.
Asagi Akira / Rahmiel Vanny:
The most mature of the 3 Knights, she spends most of her time taking odd end modeling jobs.  For some reason, she seems disinterested in most men.  She transforms into Rahmiel Vanny and sports a broadsword when she battles.
Kagami Airi / Raviel Vanny:
The youngest Vanny, she's still a school girl.  She has mysterious fortune telling abilities, however, her personality is closed and introverted.  It's suggested that this may be from a childhood trauma that she experienced.  As Raviel Vanny, she uses two daggers to battle, as well as a limited teleportation ability
Fujita Kazuyuki:
Quintessential otaku fanboy.  Spends most of his time playing "Millennium Kingdom Arest", an internet game with a lot of suspicious parallels to his life, including a green haired, bunny girl named Arisu.  More a child than a man, he's strangely likable in a pathetic sort of way.

He supposedly has the sleeping soul of Arest Horn, a great hero.  Thus, the Millennium Saber, a weapon that can shape the fate of the world, is within his body.  If the Amore Gore capture Kazuyuki and take the Millennium Saber, it could lead to the end of humanity.

Fujita Manami:
Kazuyuki's little sister, a year younger that Airi.  She's the most cutest character in the series.  Her hobby is annoying her brother, who's her only family since their parents are away in Austria.
Alice La Zoanis:
The girl of Kazuyuki's dreams, a girl with the same name as Arisu.  She's the main character of the internet game "Millennium Kingdom Arest"

Her voice actress is Horie Yui (Naru in the anime  Love Hina).  Look forward to seeing her do a guest appearance in one of the later eps

Megumi Hayashibara:
Okay, she's not a character in this series, but she does sing the Ending song.  You need to watch more anime if you never heard of her.

(She's Haruka in Love Hina I think?  She also stars in a billion other roles)

It might be amusing to note that Vanny is pretty much the same as Bunny in Japanese. (V and B are not distinguished).

Because of this, Saber = Saver, so the sword's name could be Millennium Saver (I think I've seen it written this way somewhere)

The bad guy's names seem to come from German

Actually there's quite a lot of that one can complain about.  There's occasional poor acting and slow fight sequences kind of lower the experience.  It's a short series, but I kind of wished for more character development for the Vanny (Kazuyuki, while an otaku, is actually the most likable character in the show, since he grows the most)  The ending is... well, you'll see

It's kind of funny sometimes.  The CGI and costumes are spot on, but the characterization and fight scenes are lacking.  You want to like the characters, but they never live up to your expectations.  Go watch the live Sailor Moon series, which could be renamed "What Vanny Knights SHOULD have been"

Volume 1 contains a Kamen Rider Agito bonus episode

Each volume comes with a making of portion.  Since there are 10 volumes, that's 10 making-of clips.  So each of my DVDs have 2 making of clips on them (since I am essentially putting 2 DVDs into 1)

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