The Keizoku Story

This is the English translation of the original eleven-part series. Japanese is not my native language, so there are surely some imperfections, but I believe my interpretation is considerably accurate. If anyone who has seen Keizoku can offer a better understanding of any of the dialogue, I would welcome email so that I can make the appropriate changes. In my work on the translation, I am indebted to the following individuals for their assistance with some of the more elusive nuances in certain parts of the dialogue: Akemi Schanze, Tomoe Shimizu, and Shin Yamamoto. However, for any mistakes I am solely to blame.

mystery 1
shisha kara no denwa
phone call from the dead man

mystery 2
kôri no shokkeidai
punishment table of ice

mystery 3
tôchou sareta satsujin
the wiretapped murderer

mystery 4
tomaru to kanarazu shinu heya
the room of certain death

mystery 5
mirai ga mieru otoko
the man who saw the future

mystery 6
shijôsaiaku no bakudanma
the wickedest bombing-demon

mystery 7
shi wo yobunoroi no aburae
death curse of the oil painting

mystery 8
saraba! itoshiki satsujinki
farewell, lovely cutthroat

mystery 9
kako wa mirai ni fukushou suru
future revenge of the past

mystery 10
futatsu no gankyuu
your own two eyes

the last and everlasting mystery
shi no aji no kisu
the kiss of death's flavour

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