Keith's Helps You!

Hire Keith's Handyman Services for all of your Smart Home, WiFi, and Techs Needs as I used to work for a Cable Company. Can Run any cable in your home.
All yout tech toys IoT, PC, MAC, Tablet, Smart Phone, laptops, Cryto Mining, Reparis and New Builds. Even Data Recovery and Backups
Also save the Land Fills from toxions! Lets Me Recycle any and all electronics sat/cable boxes, PC, smart phones, laptops, etc.
Repair projects including fixing windows, gutters, roofs, walls, doors, assembling furniture, painting, lawn work, patch holes and paint sheet rock and more.

Onie's Genie in a Bottle Cleaning Services link Onie's Genie in a Bottle Cleaning Services, Click on link for Info.