NFPT: No-Frills Parallel Transfer

If you think null modem cables are too slow and you want a solution for faster data transfer over parallel ports, try NFPT, a simple 32-bit DOS based program to transfer files over a sorta-ECP cable. NFPT is a small prototype-quality GPL'ed program which currently works quite reliably (it uses header checksums, 32-bit CRCs for data and tracks packet IDs) for the author. Speeds of 220KB/sec can be achieved (translating to over 750MB per hour) which is several times faster than the usual 4 bit, 12 wire null modem cables.

NFPT can be used with an ECP test cable, which has almost all the ECP connections sans correct impedance, shielding, twisted pairs, and protection for accidentally tied low impedance outputs. See "Make A Test-ECP Parallel Cable" for more information and pictures.

Downloads (NFPT sources and executables):
2003-07-16 -- (108KB)

An ECP parallel transfer cable is a handy alternative to a USB data transfer cable (you have to pay for an embedded controller because USB uses a master-slave scheme) or an Ethernet network link (you have to get the network cards.) At the very least, you should be able to use parallel port data transfer as long as manufacturers deem the parallel port relevant.

NFPT was developed using DJGPP 2.03 using the Scintilla/SciTE 1.53 editor.

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