The Microcomputer Network

The Microcomputer Network is a non-profit organization of Amateur Radio Operators, short-wave listeners and computer enthusiasts who share a common interest in exchanging information on applications, programming and operation of microcomputer systems. With these goals in mind, we operate a Net on the 20 meter "Ham" band and all interested persons are invited to join this net for the purpose of education, enlightenment and fraternalism.

Amateur radio operators and SWL's are especially encouraged to directly participate in the weekly on-the-air meetings which take place each SUNDAY at 1600 UTC/GMT, on a frequency of 14.325, in the USB mode.

The Microcomputer Network is not affiliated with any computer company. The word "ATARI", "IBM", "MacIntosh", "Apple", "Gateway", "iMac" or various other computer names used during net operations are registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers.

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