Welcome to KD4WOV’s Web Pages

This is a page for me and about what I like, think, find interesting, find humorous, engaging, this is not intended to please people.

It is written for my enjoyment, not intended for any other purpose. If it offends you refer to previous statement.

This is a link to my old page

My Web page from 1997

This a link to my gopher page

My Gopher Page.

If you do not know me, Then let me say a few things. I am not politically correct, nor do I pretend to be politically correct.

I do not intend to offend people, but often to do. I am here to enjoy life, do what I can to help people find truth.

It may be spiritual, mental or socially, but I have fun no matter what I am doing, to find more about me refer to all my many pages, and

social media things.

This page is inteded to be a spring board and a non coherent collection of some of my diversified locations of the web.

This intended as an another location to find more info, and enjoyment about life.