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Greetings inhabitants of this Planet. I come in peace.
I am busy exploring the area and updates of my findings will be posted as time permits.

... HOTDXS-W5DXS-SSB Net on 28.437 MHz - Tuesday at 8:00 PM ...


"Best DXing to all Hams"

"In Amateur Radio, DXing is not everything, but after considering
all the alternatives, I haven't found any other valid option for me."

"However large it may be, the universe ultimately comes down to being
no larger than the each of us and what we have come in contact with.
Our dreams, anxieties, and excitements are the most familiar parts of
our individual lives that represent the universe. The DXing that I have
done and the QSL cards that I have received, have frozen in time those
precious moments, providing me with fond and everlasting memories."

Look for you in the pile-ups. Good DXing and 73, KC5BFM

" DXing ... "No, try not. Do or do not. There is no try. "
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What is greater than God and more evil than the devil,
the poor always have it and the rich need it,
and if you eat it you will surely die?


Time: A Law of Nature that prevents everything from happening at once.

Rare DX on HF: This is when some Amateur Radio Operators attempt to defy this Law.

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