The Anime Circus
Hello and welcome to the Anime-Circus! Hopefully here you will find various bits and bats about different anime shows.

But just bear in mind that this site is NOT finished yet. I haven't even begun to build it. All going well it should be fully up and running in a while. Until then, you'll just have to make do with what pathetic little things I can be bothered to put up. But I promise you, this may be one hell of a website when I'm done. Tch, yeah I wish.

Just to let you know, I DO NOT put up with flamers or hate mail. It makes me wanna scream with anger when I receive them. So don't bother. If you've got time, please sign my guestbook, that is if it's up. I occasionally have to take it down for various reasons.

I'm leaving the rest up to you now so have fun kiddies.

Dragonball Z Washu (Tenchi Muyo!)
Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing)
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