By Author
accio snape - something to live for  [Harry/Snape] <completed> 
adenosine and clandestine - the trouble with harry  [Draco/Harry]
aja - love under will  [Draco/Harry]
aleximoon - their room  [Draco/Hermione] <completed>
ambrosius - the sound of home  [Draco/Harry]
amory - draco malfoy and the chamber of passion  [Draco/Harry]
animagoread - not exactly a rose garden  [Harry/Severus]
antenora - the losing side  [Draco/Harry]
artemis1000 - silver snake  [Draco/Harry]
atalanta pendragonne - do you love this world yet?  [Draco/Snape]
-Harry Potter Fanfics-

spell master (babychan) D/H
harry potter and the psychic serpent (barb lp)
blue - just this? D/H
a...mistake? (bluefyn) Hr/Sn
dark child (bohemian vixen a.k.a. q.o.s) D/Hr
claimed (brimstone) H/Sn
sorting hat capers (brita*chica)
szajha (calliopiea) H/Sn
hp and the legend of the golden serpent (camille)
lessons for life (caitlyn) <done>
draco sinister (cassandra claire) schnoogle
dum spiro, spero (charmedhpfanatic)
pater filium vult (choco) H/Sn
the winds of change (christina hilt)
lead me not into temptation (courteney) schnoogle D/H
on a clear day (courteney) D/H
the whole nine yards (courteney) D/H
you are everything i never knew i wanted (courteney) D/H
where i find you (crayola)
changing houses (crystalstarguardian) D/H
less than perfectionis (crystalstarguardian) D/H
if you are prepared: the truth about harry (cybele) H/Sn <done>
if you are prepared ii: the doy cannot know (cybele) H/Sn <done>
if you are prepared iii: come what may (cybele) H/Sn
power play (dahlia) D/H
the silver chain (dahlia) D/H
mÓrrach (damiana)
mortal coil (slash redux) (damiana) D/Sn
- draco on the side of the light, helps snape finds cure for cruciatus
new beginnings: the seventh year (dayna) D/H
touch, love and tears (diamond) D/H
lullaby of a dragon (dorothy) D/H
in *just* seven days... (drusilladax) H/Sn <done>
aydindril (earth) D/H
prophecy (earth) D/H
i was right (earthwalk)
harry potter and the story of eliza (eliza diawna snape)
painful sufferings (ellen) D/H
purely coincidental (emeralddream) H/Sn
lurid (emeralddream) H/Sn
the dark day overcame (evenstar)
down on your knees (exis) H/Sn
harry potter and the power of will (farseeker)
unicorns (fatalonie-the grinning god) H/Sn <done>
the chaser (firebolt909)
a perfect match (geena)
harry potter & the dark lord (ginnypotter)
don't leave me (goddess shinigami) D/H
hush (gothangelic) D/H
bruises (granitite stone) D/H
- draco is told to kill harry, there are no happy endings
crash and burn (gutterbunny) D/H
chocolate (gwendolyn malfoy) D/H
sometimes hate is a good thing (hermione-g-weasley)
the journey to maturity (m/m slash) (hornet) H/Sn
perhaps, perhaps, perhaps . . . (hpmystery) schnoogle
purveyor of poisons (i. c. fire)
forced love (icy stormz)
welcome to the real world (iamthelizardqueen) D/H
carpe diem (imogen)
origins (ivy blossom) D/H
the sorcerer's apprentice (jacquez)
compromising positions (jade1x2) H/Sn
lest i wither (jim) H/Sn
harry potter and the dawn of realisation (jona)
symphony of darkness i : paradise lost (kadira) H/Sn
the loving are the daring - 8 parts (katie d)
falling further in (kaz)
an organ of fire (kristen elizabeth)
harry potter and the crown princess (kyohaku celestiale vespertina) H/Sn <done>
a summer surprise (kyohaku celestiale vespertina) H/Sn
the right choice (lady allylandra) D/H
a very interesting christmas break (lady doncaster) D/H
a broken child (lady foxfire)
least likely of all (lanamariah)
a biddable man (laura beth) H/Sn
the amicus charm (laura beth)
dead rain (leia3000) H/D
the tides that bind (leone) H/Sn
through a glass, darkly (lexin) H/Sn
beyond the heart (licca)
innocence, imperfectly (lipstick traces)
come undone (little hecate)
how it all began (ljp)
never is a promise (lopotter)
black (lothorien) D/H
protege (lunadeath) D/H
it all started with a potion gone wrong (lunarennui)
beyond the silver rainbow: a forbidden lover (lupinlover)
cold winds and warm breezes (lynn) H/Sn
most potente (lynn) H/Sn, D/Sn
dimelo (malena)
harry potter and the duplaticus curse (malena)
harry potter and the dueling master (malena)
hp and the dueling master *alternate version* (malena)
golden thread of trust (marian of the faeries) D/H
their destiny (marie-j)
the marks we bear (marysia / amethyst) D/H
circles of influence (marysia / amethyst) D/H
we'll always have paris (melissa d)
what mine eyes can see (memento mori) H/Sn
side affects (mickie)
excuse me? (midnaite) D/H
the mirror of maybe (midnight blue) H/Sn
love, betrayal, and conspiracy (mikki white) D/H
for services rendered (minx) H/Sn
school work (minx) H/Sn
lost in the marauder's time (miss park avenue)
dungeons and distractions (mizzy) D/H schnoogle
hp and the dungeon of knowledge (mortianna) H/Sn
the staff of orkney (ms. snape)
temptation pour deux (morgaine malfoy)
the things you don't see (morien alexander)
harry potter and the parliament of dreams (myr)
to love a dragon (northlak)
all torn down (obake) D/H
the truth about hermione granger (omniscient)
reap the bitter fruit (patchfire) D/H
- changed harry, resorted, forms own version of death eaters
dragon tears (pathetic invader) D/H
harry potter and the love of the dragon part i (pathetic invader) D/H
harry potter and the love of the dragon part ii (pathetic invader) D/H
the untold want (penelope-z) D/H
unfogging the future (pepperjackcandy) D/H
sign, symbol, token (pepperjackcandy) D/H <done>
age of innocence (piri lupin-snape) D/H, SS/RL, SB,PP
misguided intentions (piri lupin-snape) D/H, SS/RL
a change of seasons (piri malfloy)
dangers in the past (polaris)
- voldemort is dead, lucius is the new dark lord, deatheaters gone back in time to kill lily and james
daddy's girl (potionsmastersmistress)
stay my hand (potter-snape) H/Sn
- draco on the side of the light, lupin and snape giving extra summer lessons
a dreadful predicament (prongs)
a new beginning (prongs)
yet another snape meets the dursleys story (rabbit)
sleeping with the enemy (rainshadow) D/H <done>
memento mori (raspberrypele)
- sev gets brought back from the death after voldemort kills him
a promise to be better (raven dancer) Snape
the weasley twins ride again (raven dancer)
hearts of the night (rellik) H/Sn
the curse (restina lovebug) H/Sn
- voldemort at his death cursed snape, binding harry as his soulmate
irresistible poison (rhysenn) D/H
beasts and butterflies (r i d d l e)
legacy of old (ria) H/Sn
pawn to queen (riley)
the children's services division (rose rovente)
and when the dawn begins (rufus)
protective bonds (sadie dragonfire)
harrys prince (sakura endo) D/H
- harry is a girl because of the sleeping beauty potion, draco is being nice
homecoming (sammymc) H/Sn
- harry is 25 and the new DADA teacher, left the wizarding world after the defeat of voldemort
hidden behind the mask (sanna)
rejection outlet (scent of a rose) H/Sn
a little of your time (serpentina)
from this day on (serpentina)
to hell and back again (sev rickman) H/Sn
a father's sin (severitus)
an old man's meddling (severitus)
lessons in love and magic (shadow kitten)
fine lines (shadowphoenix) H/Sn
happy birthday draco (sheila b) D/Sn
cleverness has nothing to do with love (shellyk)
snapesummer (silent shadow)
chatroom anonymity (silent stalker)
my name's severus (silverfox)
bury the hatchet (silver phoenix)
the promise (silver serpent) D/Sn
- blackmail
charades  (slytherin repute) D/H
- draco is an elf, lord of the rings crossover, AU, 19th century boy's school
dagger, strike my heart (slytherin repute) D/H
- draco gets cut by a cursed dagger, harry and draco are stuck together
scars of his heart (slytherin repute) D/H
dragon mage (sparks) D/H
prisoner of your heart (spirit and essence) D/H <done>
what if? (spunky)
through a glass, darkly (spyke raven) H/Sn
voices (static)
love long forgotten (sweet audrina)
puddle of mud (t.k. yuy) D/H
- voldemort is dead, harry thinks draco is dead, harry is almost 20, dragon blade
spiral (tadariada)
blood and chocolate (taiorami aka tainisha) H/Sn, D/R, S/De
- werewolves
recollection (taleya) H/Sn
- harry is an auror, araminta is snape's daughter
harry potter and the prince of drakalis (tereth dragonstar)
no way out (the black unicorn)
time after time (the red dragons order)
harry potter, and the emerald eye (the unicorn whisperer)
perished dreams (thea)
order of the phoinex: those who stand (time twins)
beyond the wind (toffee) H/Sn
lost (venusdemilo)
the perfect imperfection (vinagrette) D/H <done>
- love/hate, harry cheating
silent agony (vistagazer) D/H astronomy tower
wildest dreams (wmlaw)
lured by the forbidden (xfascixnationx) H/Sn
hearts and hourglasses (yen)
By Pairing
Harry Potter/ Draco Malfoy

Harry Potter/ Severus Snape
<rating R>
The Mirror of Maybe by
Midnight Blue
The Cardinal And The Strategist by
Eos Snake-Eyes Snape
Lest I Wither by
All This Time, You Were Missing From My Heart by
Sandra Solaria Dees
The Master's Servant by
Black Dreamz
Darkness Shadows Light by
Pledges by
Lightning by
Its All Been Done Before by
Season of Healing by
Lady Dien
A Perfect Circle by
The Art of Necromancy by
Artemis Luna Diana
Fyre Fairie
A Biddable Man by
Laura Beth
A Fallen Angel by
Switched by
Ordinary World by
Homecoming by
Enough by
Bloodlust by
Snape's slave
Their Destiny by
Even If by
The Mirror Of Etamluos by Oriana Dumbledore
Harry Potter and the Crown Princess by
Kyohaku Celestiale Vespertina
Szajha by
What Mine Eyes Can See by Memento Mori
Not Exactly A Rose Garden by AnimagOread
If You Are Prepared: The Truth About Harry by
Exile by Gates

<rating PG-13>
Deep Inside he Cried by
Fulfilling Your Duty by
Blood and Chocolate by Taiorami
Harsh Realities by Oriana Dumbledore
Bless The Child by Gia
Trick and Treats by Richan
Gold and Silver, Fire and Ice by Ankha
The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Year One by Jacquez
L' Estate di Suicidio by Clynn
Back to the Beginning by Lizabee
A Father's Sin by Severitus
The Wizard of Odd by Sweet Jane
Summer Interlude 1995 by Kyohaku Celestiale Vespertina
Memories of a time long forgotten by Taiorami
Fine Lines by Shadowphoenix
Shades of Grey by Shadowphoenix
An Old Man's Meddling... by Severitus
The Staff of Orkney by Ms. Snape
The Curse by
Restina Lovebug

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