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[IMG]Slime Monster evolution guide [IMG]Baby-D

[IMG]Mutant M Mutant skills guide [IMG]Mutant F

[IMG]Fungus Monster stats and skills [IMG]Robot

[IMG]Sword[IMG]Potion Weapons / Items / Skills [IMG]Magi[IMG]Armor

[IMG]Weapons Shops Inventories [IMG]Items

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Game Guides

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Excel worksheet FFL2 complete game data

FFL2 thingy table for reading texts in the English ROM

My fixed version neoFFL2 v1.002 of Final Fantasy Legend 2 whence I took the screenshots above
neoFFL2 log of changes to the aforementioned ROM
neoFFL2 v2.001 with modified mutant skills

Final Fantasy Legend 2 Save Game Editor -- Console App with source code

Bonus Warsong.xls 8-)

Map of Final Fantasy Legend 2 celestial world
Celestial Map


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