New England by Kathy
"We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails."
Kathy's Bio
Kathy Zbell is a New England artist who resides in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut.  She specializes in very detailed land and seascapes that depict our beautiful New England.  Kathy's talent transports us to an untouched place in time.  Her followers tell her that the paintings have so much depth, they can actually "walk into them".

    Zbell has been an artist since the early age of 8, and had devoted many years to private study and classes taught by numerous well-estblished New England artists.  This time was spent fine tuning Kathy's unique style and creativity, which set her work apart in the years that followed.  "Art is the expression of one's soul, the brush simply delivers that expression."  Kathy credits her talent as being God given
and never takes it for granted...

Zbell's ability has shown itself throughout all of New England, the New England she loves so much.  Her work has earned awards, ribbons and countless articles, and her pieces are in private and corporate collections all over the world.  Kathy is not the conventional artist; she does not limit her mindset to the ordinary.  Neither does New England!  The artwork may present itself on a real leaf, a feather, or even on her signature piece, a lobster claw!

    Zbell, and her soulmate, John, travel extensively to exihibit in numerous shows throughout New England.  Kathy credits John with keeping her focused and production flowing: he is a tremendous asset to her artwork.  Kathy's son, Jason, greatly influences the direction of her artwork, especially in the marketing area.  Another passion of the artist is working closely, through her art, with
The Lighthouse Preservation Society to help save our lighthouses.  But, it's her loyal followers that are really special to Zbell,
Because of them my talent thrives.  New England is its people too. 
I paint for you both...  God Bless
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