Why You Must Hire a Keyholding And Alarm Response Guard  For Your Company

Top security companies london are challenged to stay updated and adapt emerging innovations fast enough to keep the premises, assets, and resources of their clients safe in an industry which tends to evolve to technological advancements and potential threats such as the COVID-19 paradigm shift that may have driven most of the world to a halt.

Most security companies london rely on digital alarm systems to detect unwanted access, avert theft and property destruction to upgrade their security. Since you and your staff are swamped by all the pressures of life, security and replacement keys can append to the pressure which will result in taking care of such a hassle. To learn more about how to get hassle free from such concerns, check the below 5 reasons you should be going for these services.

The hiring of a mobile security guard service can be economically viable for businesses who either consider themselves in this situation or deliberately avoid this situation. Such security guards might well react promptly to all occurrences, even security alerts.

5 Reasons To Hire Keyholding & Alarm Response Guard

1. Minimize Additional Security Responsibilities 

You are indeed the main key holder being the business owner. Perhaps a midnight phone call warning you that your alarm has gone off, it's disappointing only to find out it has been bogus.

However, there could be a probability of unwanted access at midnight in case an intruder is active. With professional key holders, this can however be mitigated.

2. 24/7 Availability 

Perhaps if someone is a secondary key holder besides you, no certainty of their availability resides. However, the professional key holders would still be eligible irrespective of the time and will have the keys on board 24/7.

3. Suitable Security Approach

Key holders must first reach the site once an alarm is gone off. A professional key holder perceives what to do and operates the situation objectively in case an intruder is on site.

4. Technical Proficiency

Indeed concerns of false alarms may pose a technical challenge. Professional keyholders generally resolve the problems and reboot the alarm systems to minimize unnecessary conflict and maybe save time.

5. Professionalism

One of the key holders is to preserve your backup keys. It is something that many businesses would do to provide a backup key to their reliable employee, but still there might be a possibility they’d end up losing the spare key.

A professional key holder seems to be responsible to ensure the safety of the company's spare key making them the ideal resource.


The above mentioned reasons are quite valuable and can help you realise the importance of the keyholding and alarm response guard services. 

However, KA Services offers an array of security services including patrol, manned guarding, access controls, CCTV, key holding, alarm response and more. Our team of security professionals is structurally employed, trained and certified by SIA, to ensure the security of your company and its employees. To learn more about KA Services, click here.

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