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Vietnam 1967-1968  A 3/21st 196th
After arriving in Vietnam with the 198th Light Infantry Brigade I was transfered to the 3/21st Battalion of the  196th Light Infantry Brigade, they were operating off of LZ Center in the mountains between Chu Lai and Da Nang in I Corps. I remained with Alpha Company of the 3/21st until I was rotated back to the states. I was a combat  medic and was fortunate enough to work with some of the greatest men I have ever known. Some of us endured January 1968 in Hiep Duc Valley, Que Son to many of us also known as Death Valley, AK Valley, Nui Loc Son, LZ Colt, LZ Baldy, Quan Tri, and Nhi Ha(at the DMZ). I was one of the lucky ones that had minor wounds and never left the field during that action. I also was honored to receive two Bronze Stars with Valor, the Purple Heart and the basic awards.                                                  

I will forever remember my fellow infantrymen that gave the ultimate sacrifice.PLEASE READ-THE MAGNIFICIENT BASTARDS by KEITH WILLIAM NOLAN and THROUGH THE VALLEY: VIETNAM, 1967-1968 by JAMES F. HUMPHRIES Sign Guestbook View Guestbook
Left to right, Kris Mullen, Bill Berkley, Me(Bill Karp), Wilbur Sanders and James Risley,(all medics) from the 198th sent to the 196th and all returned home.
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