Nabe Matsumura

    Nabe was the grandson of Soken Matsumura. Soken Matsumura is the only person that Nabe ever trained under. He learned the Shorin-Ryu system of his grandfather and also the White Crane system. Nabe is the only known person to have learned the White Crane from Soken Matsumura. Nabe Matsumura received the menkyo kaiden from his grandfather, which gave him full proficiency in his grandfather’s art. Nabe Matsumura took on only one student Hohan Soken, his nephew. In his later years Nabe became known as, Nabe Tanmei, which meant “old man Nabe”. Even with having just one student, Nabe had a reputation as being a stern and disciplined instructor. It is said that many people sought him out as an instructor but they were turned away. He is said to have been one of the best instructors of his time.

Kata Ran By Nabe Matsumura: Naihanchi, Passai, Chinto, Seisan, Kusanku, Hakutsuru, and Gojushiho


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