Kamiya Kaoru
Name: Kaoru Kamiya

Alias: Raccoon Girl

Age: 17

Month of Birth: June

Blood Type: 0

Hieght: 5'1"

Weight: 41kg

Fighting Technique: Kamiya Kassin Ryu

Weapons: Wooden Sword (bokken),                        Bamboo Sword (Shinai)

Personality: Kaoru is a fun loving short tempered girl, that wears her heart on her sleeve.  She is must often described as being "unlady-like", but she still captures hearts with her beauty and her heart of platinum.  Loosing her father at an early age, and living alone for so long made Kaoru a very lonely girl, but when Kenshin came to stay with her at her dojo, she wasn't lonely anymore.  This is why she is constantly affraid kenshin will become a wanderer again (besides the fact that she's in love with him)
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