Rurouni Kenshin FanArt

Here are is some fanart sent to me by all the nice people in the world that send me stuff. If you want to become one of the nice people, E-mail me at [email protected] If there are astricks (***)Next to a e-mail adress, it just means I haven't asked for permission to post the E-mail yet. And I know the thumbnails have this wierd bluish tint, I don't have the program I normally use to make thumbnails, and the only way to keep them normal is to keep them in Jpeg format, but Jpegs take longer to load, I'M DOING THIS FOR YOU. By keeping the thumbnails gifs, it takes less loading time, and you have more time to surf ^_^

Name: Danyelle Lee
WebPage: None
E-Mail: [email protected]

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