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...to my world.... I first began drawing when I was 9 years old (about the same time I started writing books), I saw The Little Mermaid and I couldn't stop drawing mermaids. I got better and better at it until they began to look realistic. After that I don't quite remember what kept me into art. I think it was the fact that I was allowed to draw on my walls up until I was 15.

Then I got into anime a little bit. Not much, but I had seen Wicked City, Wrath of the Ninja, Outlanders and Demon City Shinjuku.At that point I was only falling in love with the guys and didn't care to much about art.I had gotten into Ronin Warriors and Sailor Moon when they first came out. I really liked Ronin Warriors so I would record the show, pause it on tv and draw it directly from the tv set. After they took that of the air Sailor Moon started to come on and my mom and I watched that. I gotta say I loved it because Serena and I were the same age and it was cool.

After that I moved and forgot about it because I didn't have time for tv anymore, I had to buckle down on school work. I had some art classes and it was my minor in High School but I didn't really care for art too much, my major was and is Theater. Then right after I turned 18, my mom moved back to california. I went with her. My cousins used to watch Dragonball Z every day...they never missed an episode. I thought that it looked familiar and maybe a year later I learned that it was the little boy with the monkey tail all grown up. (Goku) Who I fell in love with as the series went on.

Then, out came Inuyasha, etc. and I fell in love with Inuyasha...until I saw Sesshomaru. :) In which case, I began to draw again. I got really good at drawing anime characters so I began to get bored with it and my love of computers took over (again), and I got back into web design and graphics. Which is currently what I do now.

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