~Cabbage Patch Kid Restoration~
There is nothing more precious than a deeply loved Cabbage Patch Kid! Sometimes over the years facial coloring fades, staining, missing stiches, hair tangling or hair loss can occur from all the love and playing these wonderful kids receive. I now proudly offer 5 different services to take care of these needs:  "Bath Camp", "Cabbie Clinic", "Hospital Admission", "Intensive Surgery" and "Eye Center." Please read the details about my services below and be sure to visit my photo album of before and after pics by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page! Feel free to email so I can help you choose the right services for your Cabbage Patch Kids needs.

This CPK had a Hospital Admission, as well as an Eye Repaint and Complete Reroot.
*NOTE (Eye repaint and Complete Reroot are additional fees) Feel free to email for a quote should your CPK need these services!
    A Hospital Admission is for the CPK who needs EXTENSIVE care. I accept ANY doll to my Hospital, yarn hair, cornsilk hair, Talkers, Coleco's, TRU's, etc! Please note this service is much different than the Bath Camp or Cabbie Clinic. Bath Camp is limited to cleanse, restuff, hair restyle  & rescent. The Cabbie Clinic is just for minor stich repairs.  A Hospital Admission is just one low fee & includes ALL of the following services that apply to your CPK:

Orthopedic Care (Mending of all missing or loose stiches, reattachment of any appendages)

Dermabrasion (Facial cleansing, removal of deep dirt & stains under a special heat lamp process, buffing of superficial scratches & fine sanding of any gashes or facial injuries) *Upon assessment if your CPK's eyes or eyebrows are missing paint, our repaint services may be suggested.  Repaint services are NOT implemented without prior approval from you & additional fee paid. Fee for new eyebrows is $3, & fee for eye repaints is between $12-$15.

Body Waxing (Full body depilling aka removal of the "fuzzies")

Hospital Beauty Salon (Wash & set of cornsilk hair OR defuzzing & restyle of yarn hair) *Upon assessment if any yarn hair is missing rerooting services may be suggested. Fee's for this additional service are found on our "Custom Reroot Ordering" page. Rerooting services are NOT implemented without prior approval from you & additional fee paid.

Discharge Care (Complete bath, body stain removal, additional body stuffing, baby powder rescent, optional body blushing, & new preemie diaper)

*Feel free to email with any questions you may have or to make arrangements for a CPK hospital admission.

*Please note pox removal/fixing of vinyl degeneration is NOT possible and repair of any voice box mechanism on Talking CPK's is also not a service I provide.

    Bath Camp is for the CPK who just needs BASIC restoration care. I accept ANY type of Cabbage Patch Kid to Bath Camp: yarn hair, cornsilk hair, Talkers, Coleco's, PlayAlongs, TRU's, etc. You sure get a lot for your money at my Bath Camp!! Typical camp involves a Complete Spa-Fresh bath, superficial body stain removal, minimal body de-pilling, additional body stuffing, baby powder rescent (optional), hair restyled (yarn depilled or cornsilk detangled) & new preemie diaper. If your CPK has any minor injures such as a missing stitches I do offer the "CABBIE CLINIC" (see below) for treatment. Extensive injuries or years of deep grouns in dirt you may want to consider my "HOSPITAL ADMISSION". Again details of each service is described below. 

Bath Camp Fees
CPK bald, yarn ponies or braids ~ $30
CPK with full yarn loops on scalp ~ $40
CPK with cornsilk hair ~$35
(prices vary due to hair details)
    Consider my Cabbie Clinic like a Medi-Merge Center. It is for the CPK who just needs some minor stiches or holes repaired. At the Cabbie Clinic upon arrival I will assess the individual needs of your Cabbage Patch Kid. The clinical fees are listed below, should your doll arrive and it is assessed they need further repairs than what has been discussed via email I will notify you for permission to treat further injuries. No injuries are fixed without prior approval from you & deposit paid. *Please note the Cabbie Clinic does NOT include basic cleansing, you would need to register for Bath Camp for this service. Please be aware I will not work on dirty, stained CPK so if you want to decline my Bath Camp you must have your doll fully cleansed by you prior to my working on them. Should your CPK need DEEP cleansing or numerous stiches repair & seams fixed the CPK Hospital Admission is recommended.

Fractured elbow $1
Fractured knee $1
Fractured ankle $1
Fractured wrist $1
Fractured fingers (the full side is always redone) $4
Fractured toes (the full side is always redone) $4
Fractured sacroiliac joint (buttocks repaired) $3
Fractured shoulder (shoulder seam repaired) $5
per side
Fractured rib (side seam repaired) $5
per side
Umbilical hernia (Belly button repaired) $3
Cervical Manipulation (New Neck Seam) $8
*Puncture Wound (sm hole in body) $3
*Body or limb abrasion (a run or pull in material) $4
This CPK had a Hospital Admission, as well as an Eye touch-up and Complete Reroot.
*NOTE (Eye repaint and Complete Reroot are additional fees) Feel free to email for a quote should your CPK need these services!
Hospital Admission Fee
ANY size CPK ~$50
    Intensive Surgery is for the CPK who needs a Hospital Admission $50 AND either the head OR body totally replaced. Sometimes due to pox damage to the face the parent may request an identical HM to be used with the original body OR due to severe body damage such as tears or holes the parent may request a body replacement. The body replacement is a unique process in that the original body is fully cleansed, destuffed, then rolled & placed inside the new body in order to maintain the childhood love in the CPK. See pics below of this process shown. In order to have a head or body replacement a Hospital Admissions must be paid for $50 PLUS an additional $5 for the new replaced head or body, so the total is $55. If you have any further questions please feel free to email so we can discuss your CPK's needs. Thanks! 

Intensive Surgery Fee
CPK Hospitalization fee $50 PLUS
Body or Head is replaced $5 = $55 total
Body Destuffed
Original body rolled into new one
Sample 1
#2 Cabbie Clinic
Sample 2
Does your CPK's eyes need repair?? Perhaps they have a smudge, scrape or scratch through the original eye color OR you may want to just CHANGE the color to something you've always wished they had! The Fairy Godmother can complete this transformation for you. Just click on the sweet new blue eyed CPK girl's face below to take you to my Eye Center for full details!!
Be sure you ask for references when having your precious CPK tended to by someone other than yourself! I am well known in the CPK community just ask about The Fairy Godmother and anyone will tell you. But I would also like to show you a sampling of some BEFORE & AFTER Pics so check out my work here:
My Album
*NOTE- Holes or runs in the material will leave a suture line or mark where it has been repaired from the inside out. Intensive Surgery maybe recommended if there are numerous areas to be repaired for the CPK's best appearace.
Please understanding every Cabbage Patch Kid is very individual, some stains or repairs take longer on one CPK compared to another. I can only give an "approximate" time your CPK will be here for repairs. I ask for your understanding and patience during this time. Often special creams are being cured on the vinyl to lift and remove stains & that is a time period that can take from a few days to several weeks or even months to perfect. Also some reroots require hundreds of holes to be rerooted and this is an extremely time comsuming process as well. Due to popularity I am often booked months in advance so please understand if I am not able to take on your CPK for quite some time.  
My References
#1 Bath Camp
#3 Hospital Admission
#4 Intensive Surgery
#5 The Eye Center
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