K8MN, Cameron, WV  December 1, 2004 tower and antenna damage

See captions below photos:

It missed most of the house.  All antennas but one were destroyed and it was badly damaged.  Even the Ham IV
rotor was broken.

Yup, that's part of the Bencher Skyhawk boom which punched a hole in the new roof and through the ceiling of the
side porch.

There were a number of windows nearby.  Luckily, none of them were broken.

The W-51 Tri-Ex tower folded just above the top of the lowest section, at around the 22 foot level.  The high, gusting
winds must have set up an oscillation, causing the tower to rock.


Artistic in a way...

Notice that the seventy foot Rohn 25, guyed tower with 40m yagi rode the storm perfectly.


Here's the hole that the Skyhawk punched in the porch roof and ceiling.

It is difficult to tell from the photos but the Cushcraft boomers for 144 MHz and 432 MHz were severely
damaged.  The boom on the 144 Meg yagi is beyond repair and the boom and some elements on the 432 Meg
antenna were snapped.


Bert N8NN snapped this last shot as he came for a look at the damage.  The fellow standing in the midst of
the mangled aluminum at the right of the house is me.

Now--what's being done about all the damage?

A never-assembled Cushcraft X-9 tribander was purchased from N6AE to replace the Bencher Skyhawk.
I'm going to miss the Bencher antenna.  The X-9 features 4 elements per band on a 28 foot boom.  There are
traps only in the directors.

M2 is sending two directors to repair the damaged 5 element 6m yagi.  R&L Electronics has sent a new
Hy-Gain Ham IV rotor and a 12 element M2 2M12 2m yagi (19.5' boom).  A 28 element M2 4329WL 70cm yagi
(21.5' boom) is on back order from R&L.

I've ordered a new WT-51 tower from Tashjian Towers, successor to Tri-Ex.  The new tower will have
stainless steel hoisting cables.  The stacking order will be changed with the triband yagi just above the top of the
tower, with the 6m, 2m and 70cm yagis above on the 2" chrome-moly mast.  A set of 3/16" Synthetic Textiles dacron, UV-resistant guys will stop any tendency of the tower to oscillate in high winds.

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