Bootleg Wrestler Stats
New stats as of 5/1/04
NAWC Standings (Cont.)NAWC Standings (Cont.)NAWC Standings (Cont.)

No Pics unless noted. Bios for only those noted. The Dog House Sets were created and posted with permission from Mike Behrns.

Dog House Set 4
Dog House Set 3
Dog House Set 2
Dog House Set 1

Tadao Katsura stats
Tadao Katsura pic (Tekken fan art)

Kagemusha stats
Kagemusha pic

Holy Demon Army bios (Karisuma Namida, Kuroi Jujutsushi, Dangerous Dynomite Taue Kawada & Kenichi Akita)
Taue Kawada stats
Taue Kawada pic (of real wrestler Keiji Sakoda)
Kenichi Akita stats
Kenichi Akita pic (Tekken fan pic)
Karisuma Namida stats
Karisuma Namida pic (of real wrestler CIMA)
Kuroi Jujutsushi stats
Kuroi Jujutsushi pic (of real wrestler Kendo Ka Shin)

El Toro Loco Carlos Torez w/bio
Carlos Torez pic (done in poser got from a shoot fight efed)

Kinnikuman Generation 1 Set

Kinnikuman Generation 2 - Ultimate Muscle Set

Sanctuary Class 2 Set

Fzoul (1/2 New Breed
Soth (1/2 New Breed)
New Breed Bio

Dorian Gravestone (1/2 Iced Earth)
Nathan Blackhart (1/2 Iced Earth)
Iced Earth Bio

The Hunter Jason Kenmore (update)

The Cruncher Jack Slade (update)
Jack Slade pic by Hannibal King from G-Con 2003

Mourngrym (son of Star Warrior)
Mourngrym bio

Perfect Paul Rude

Sick Rick Roberts
Sick Rick bio

Scarlet Talia
(teams with Sathariel from Sanctuary Class 2)

Sebastion Sage of the Inquisition and Jeff the Reaper Simmons

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