Produced by Tuacahn

by Brad Shelton

Set Designer and Assistant Technical Director

Rough Drafts

The responsibility of the Set Designer starts as soon as a script is chosen by the Producers. As one of the first members chosen for the Production Team, the set designers' role has a crucial duty of clear communication. Several meetings are held with the Directors and Design Team to discuss the direction and concept of the script as the design takes shape. A set of rough draft plans are created by the Designer and then more meetings are held to keep the rest of the team up to speed and informed of the look and feel of the show. Production Teams for shows can consist of up to 20 people all working together based on the Direction and Design of a show.

Side Note: This production was slated for 2020 and was delayed for months and finally postponed until 2021 because of Covid Concerns. So, this production is really the result of two years of planning and working. Most of which was designed and communicated through online meetings and virtual walkthroughs of the scenic elements.

Final Drafts

After many revisions to the design are decided, a set of Final Drafts are created by the Designer. At this point a scale model is constructed and the Design is shared with the entire company and Construction Plans are created to begin the build, paint, and installation process. Throughout this process, the designer works very closely with the Technical Director and his Assistants. Budgets and timelines are set, and clear expectations must be outlined and followed through to ensure a successful completion of the project.

Final Renderings

Construction Phase

Because I was also the Assistant Technical Director for this production. It was my responsibility to supervise the construction of the scenery, props, pyrotechnics, and flights of the show. This meant lots of reoccurring meetings were held to make sure everyone stayed on their projected deadlines. A show this size takes constant and detailed attention. On average, 60 hours a week for multiple months was dedicated to this process.

Production Photos

Opening Night was July 24, 2021. Three other productions were also being produced at the same time. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, School of Rock, and Annie. Four simultaneous shows on this scale are nothing short of a miracle, and impossible to achieve without Herculean efforts and excellent communication.