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bruce showing us how to punch
bruce fighting with the hairy chuck norris. by the way, just cos the way of the dragon was good, it was down to bruce. this can be proved by watching any chuck norris film. they are crap.
bruce with nunchuks in game of death. bruce wore the yellow jogging suit as a sign of no particular affinity to any martial art, a philosophy that ran through the final fight sequence for this film.
bruce with student and friend danny inosanto, in a nunchuk fight. rarely seen these days, hopefully it will be included in the commercial releases soon.
bruce with the top level guardian in the game of death, a lanky, hyper light sensitive dirty footed kick-you-with-bent-leg-while-i-look-the-other-way-and-fling-my-arms-around-looking-crap kareem abdul jabaar, one of bruces famous students. he had no particular style and so was meant to be difficult to beat. however, whilst bruce was 'like water', kareem had no style and little ability, and could not possibly adapt to his opponent, and so is soundly beaten.
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