Newcomer Skating Guide

Website Summary

What content will the site contain?

This site will conatin information on what is needed to know about skating when you are just beginning. Tips and basic knowledge needed to skate.

Where will you get all of the content for your site?

Images and videos will come from youtube videos that will have the source stated and the text will come from what my friends and I have learned skating.

Why should uses care about the focus of the site?

Users should care that there is an option to help beginners that need help trying to figure out where to start.

Why should a site be built for this?

A site should be built for this because when I started skating I only had help from a friend and online I felt that there wasn't enough infomration to help newcomers.

What would you like users to do at your site?

I would like users to read or watch vidoes to help get a basic understading on how to get into skating.

What is the goal of the site?

The goal of the site is to help beginners gain knowledge of how to start skating.