About Charmaine

Name: Charmaine Carrasco

Date of Birth: June 17,1984 (Thank you, Katie!)

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Parents: Werner and Najee Carrasco

Siblings: None, Charmaine is an only child

Hobbies: ice skating, sleeping late, reading a good book

Favorite foods: cheese and olives

Favorite Bible verses: Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 12 (yes, the whole chapter)

Favorite song on "All About Jesus": Acceptable

I guess that is all I have about Charmaine. I know that her parents are actually from Chile, and then emigranted to Australia sometime in the early 80s and started a praise and worship band called Endless Praise. While on tour Charmaine was born in California which is why, even though she is Australian, she also has American citizenship. But I didn't know where exactly to put that info, so this little note is better. :)

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