ISO 6709 and the Points of the Compass

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ISO 6709

The order of the elements is the latitude, the longitude and the altitude.

The latitude and the longitude

±DDMM.MMM±DDDMM.MMMdegrees and minutes
±DDMMSS.SS±DDDMMSS.SSdegrees, minutes and seconds
+DD > +00north latitudes
+DD = +00equator
-DD < +00south latitudes
+000 < +DDD < +180east longitudes
+000 = +DDDprime meridian
-180 < -DDD < +000west longitudes
-180 = -DDD180th meridian

The altitude

The representation of altitude is optional. The unit is the metre (en-US: meter).
+mmmm ≥ 0000
-mmmm < 0000


the North Pole+90+000/
the Arctic Circle+663339±DDDMMSS/
the Tropic of Cancer+232622±DDDMMSS/
the equator+00±DDD/
the Tropic of Capricorn-232622±DDDMMSS/
the Antarctic Circle-663339±DDDMMSS/
the South Pole-90+000+2800/
the prime meridian±DD+000/
the 180th meridian±DD-180/
the Pacific Ocean+00-160/
the Atlantic Ocean+00-025/
Mount Everest+275916+0865640+8850/
- Paris+4852+00220
-- the Eiffel Tower+48.8577+002.295/
the United Kingdom+54-002/
the United States+38-097/
- the City of New York+40.75-074.00/
-- the Statue of Liberty+40.6894-074.0447/

32 points of the compass

000.00°	north
011.25°	north by east
022.50°	north northeast
033.75°	northeast by north
045.00°	northeast
056.25°	northeast by east
067.50°	east northeast
078.75°	east by north
090.00°	east
101.25°	east by south
112.50°	east southeast
123.75°	southeast by east
135.00°	southeast
146.25°	southeast by south
157.50°	south southeast
168.75°	south by east
180.00°	south
191.25°	south by west
202.50°	south southwest
213.75°	southwest by south
225.00°	southwest
236.25°	southwest by west
247.50°	west southwest
258.75°	west by south
270.00°	west
281.25°	west by north
292.50°	west northwest
303.75°	northwest by west
315.00°	northwest
326.25°	northwest by north
337.50°	north northwest
348.75°	north by west

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