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Long name: the World-Wide Anti-Conscription Unity (WWACU)
Short name: the Anti-Conscription Unity (ACU)

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Members: 80+
Founded: 17 March 2000
Language: English (en)

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Anti-Conscription Links

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AF Afghanistan: Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan

RS Serbia:
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CY Cyprus: Pancyprian Association for the Protection of Human Rights

CZ the Czech Republic:
Antikonskripèní radikální iniciativa (AKRI) (cs) = Anti-Conscription Radical Initiative (en)
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DE Germany:
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GR Greece:
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 draft deferment, draft evasion, conscientious objection and defence spending.
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HU Hungary:
Henrik FARKAS:
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RO Romania:
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 (Initiativa Zonal Geografica "Sibienii Pacifisti" (IZGSB))

RU the Russian Federation:
(ru, en) Солдатские матери - Soldiers Mothers
(ru) Московский Антипризывной Пункт (Moscow Anti-Conscription center)

TR Turkey: Savas Karsitlari (tr)

TW Taiwan: Taiwanese Campaign against Conscription of the Republic of China

US the United States: Campaign against the Registration for Conscription of the United States: Freeze the Selective Service System!

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Petition of the (World-Wide) Anti-Conscription Unity to the Norwegian Nobel Committee

This petition was sent in English only.

The Norwegian Nobel Institute
Drammensveien 19
NO-0255, OSLO
Telephone: +47 22 12 93 00
Fax: +47 22 12 93 10

Respected members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee,

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2002 to Jimmy CARTER, former President (1977--1981) of the United States of America. We, as the undersigned members or supporters of the World-Wide Anti-Conscription Unity, do not question his efforts. In 1980, however, he has last resumed registration for conscription that has existed indefinitely. This is why we write you.

As you may have known, the Anti-Conscription Network (ACN) has sent its 2001.01.15 Letter to the members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee ( in response to awarding the Nobel Peace Prize for 2000 to KIM Dae Jung, the President of the Republic of Korea with conscription. It has said that conscription is today's slavery, violates human rights, is on the decline, and is a threat to peace. Many people consider conscription inhuman, outdated, superfluous, and a great shame for humankind.

You may also have known that in January 2002, the Anti-Conscription Radical Initiative (AKRI) of the Czech Republic has sent the Appeal of AKRI to the Norwegian Nobel Committee ( It has said that conscription shamefully violates civil liberties, personal and individual rights. It enslaves the individual, ruins personal life and privacy, enforces total loyalty of citizens to their governments and regimes, involuntarily involves lots of conscripts in wars, causes many and many victims, thus it gravely threatens the world peace, liberty and democracy. The AKRI has followed what the ACN has said.

In addition to the ACN and AKRI opposing awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to politicians of countries with conscription, we consider that even draft registration alone means possible intent of a country to enslave its citizens or nationals. It is as harmful as active conscription.

After all, we consider that no politicians should get the Nobel Peace Prize if their countries impose conscription or its registration! There is no overriding need to award the Prize to them who are not fully suitable, even if they have other merits, but they are responsible for the harms of conscription or its registration instead.


Justin JIH (Group Owner of the World-Wide Anti-Conscription Unity), United States, Taiwan

Taiwan Nation without Conscription! (Campaign against conscription by the Republic of China)

Istvan FULOP (member, League Against Conscription, Hungary)

Todor KAMBUROW, EBCO (European Bureau for Conscientious Objection) International Secretariat,
 Barcelona, Spain

Marko BOJKOVIC (member, World-Wide Anti-Conscription Unity, Serbia)

Christian BARTOLF (professional counsellor of conscientious objectors, Berlin, Germany)
 email: [email protected]
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