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We invite researchers, practitioners, Widyaiswara, academic institutions, government agencies, and stakeholders to publish with Jurnal Prajaiswara. Topics include: 

  • Coaching and leadership
  • The development of leader and leadership
  • Leadership and innovation
  • Leadership and organizational performance
  • Human resources management
  • knowledge management
  • Management Information System
  • Management Accounting
  • Knowledge Management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Administration and government
  • Public sector innovation
  • Public sector economis
  • Public sector accounting
  • Public policy
  • Public service
  • Administrative reform
  • Local government studies
  • Digital governance and business 
  • Fiscal policy
  • Tax administration

The submitted article will be evaluated by reviewers and must be original, with no plagiarism, and unpublished. The editor will inform the author of the results of the review as soon as possible, possibly in 4 weeks. Submission deadline: November 10, 2022. Published on December 15, 2022. The question could be sent to [email protected]



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Productivity of Online Learning Media in Education Management

Implementation of Basic Training (Latsar) for Candidates for Civil (CPNS) Bleended Learning Pattern in Kerinci District

Competence of Prospective Science Teachers in Reflecting on Science Teaching and Learning Activities

Principal's Strategy in Improving Teacher Performance

Ratio Analysis of Regional Dependence and Independence in Measuring the Regional Financial Capability of the Jambi Provincial Government

Application of Pancasila as the Ethical System of the Indonesian Nation

Strengthening the Understanding of Pancasila as the State Foundation to Achieve National Goals

Factors Affecting Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) in Jambi Province Government Employees

Analysis of the Accuracy Level of Revenue and the Distribution Mechanism of Tax Revenue Sharing and Non-Tax Revenue Sharing for the Jambi Province Government in 2015-2019

The Challenges of Driving School Principals in Implementing New Paradigm Learning

Implementation of Coaching in the Change Action Agenda for Supervisory Leadership Training (PKP) Participants in 2021 at the Human Resources Development Agency of Jambi Province

Participant’s Perceptions of the Implementation of Basic Training (Latsar) for Civil Servants with the Bleended Learning Model in Batanghari Regency in 2021


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