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MSO.dll — Patched MSO.dll 14.0.7268.5000 for XP:
MSO7268p.7z - 6861KB

Procwin16 — Updated version 1.6.0 of Japheth's classic Process Image Viewer: - 37KB

MiniSnap — Process snapshot with module version list: - 2KB

Ktree10 — KernelEx API viewer: - 5KB

BCrypt.dll replacement library:
BCrypt.7z - 4KB (with C source)

Eudora (classic email client) plug-in experiments:
EudoraPlugins.7z - 39KB (with C++ source)

GetVersion — Display and copy to clipboard results of GetVersion, GetVersionExA, and GetVersionExW:
GetVersion.7z - 4KB (with C source)

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