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Welcome to my very first own Homepage, please tell me if you like it and sign my guestbook ;o) and go check out my fanfiction!!!!!
haha, I'm actually really proud now, I managed to built a site!!!! *^_^*
*dances* *hugs sarah sooo tight for teaching html to me*
ooh, and you got to check out the best ally fic there is on the web: Kiss my fingertips goodnight by Maria and Law!!!!!
And if you're already on it, go check The Dark Angel Virtual Season 3 Site, it's awesome!!!! :o)

FOX seems to have gotten their mistake!! this is was wrote:
"Is it the end or beginning for Dark Angel? Dark Angel fans have a chance to show their support for the hit series which is no longer in production due to the poor decision of FOX broadcasting earlier this year. A mailing address has been setup to voice your opinion and help bring back the series. Please do not bash Fox, treat them with respect and maybe they will take our request to bring back the series seriously. Fox has already admitted failure this season with replacements like "Girls Club" which didn't even make it to a third episode before getting canceled. Tell Fox that a show like Dark Angel has the potential to be a franchise series similar to how popular X-Files was over its remarkable run."

Bring Back DARK ANGEL c/o FOX Broadcasting Co.
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

UPDATES: 12/15/2002 Updated the 'My So Called Life' Section

12/14/2002 Added two more fanarts!!

Friday 12/13/2002 The 'my friends' section is up :o), added two more fanarts. Also added the 'my so called life' section *^_^* (~*woohoooo!!*~)

12/12/2002 I had problems with the pics and graphics. Hope they're all gone now (why why WHY WHY *WHY*?! *sighs*) Anyway: added two new fanarts

12/05/2002 Everthings new!!!!! Still under construction though. Like, EVERYTHING!!!!

Reading: A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
Listening: Anchor your love by No Angels,
Then the morning comes by Smashmouth,
Sway by Big Runca,
plus my sister practicing the harp 24/7 *sighs*

You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

What kind of kiss are you?
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which scooby are you?

I see the world in Pink
Pink: You see the world in bright pink. The world is a
happy, happy place! You love all people and
things!! Life is great! You're just like a
happy child. Spread the cheer.
*this quiz was made by Sara

What color do you see the world in?
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