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Want to Sell Gold Without Letters? So that you don't lose, check out the right tips and methods


Gold Jewelry is one type of item that can be used as investment material, besides being able to use gold prices are also relatively increasing every year. Not infrequently selling gold is an alternative to get fast funds.

But what if when selling gold the buying and selling letter given by the shop is lost? Before discussing further, consider tips and how to sell gold without the right letters so that you don't lose money.

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How to Sell Gold Without Letters

The letter here is a memorandum of sale between the shop and you as proof of the legality of the jewelry you have. Not infrequently, gold shops always ask you to provide a sales note when making transactions.

However, the store also has a policy if the letter or note of the sale of the jewelry is lost.



1. Remember the Gold Level When Purchasing

First, make sure you remember the amount of jewelry you are going to sell. This is important so that you can estimate the price of gold you have. If you forget, you can check at the gold shop.


2. Check the Gold Price

Next, check the latest gold price so you don't feel cheated by the price proposed by the gold shop. By paying attention to the latest gold prices you can also estimate the price of gold you have.


3. Pay attention to the condition of the jewelry

The relatively intact and good condition of the gold will increase the price of your gold when selling. This also applies to gold without letters that you will sell. Try to do checking and cleaning when going to make a sale.


4. Sell Gold Where You Buy It

This is the main point in selling gold without letters. In general, other gold shops would not dare to accept gold without a letter. This is because they are worried about the origin of your gold.

If you sell gold at a store where you buy jewelry, they will generally be aware that the jewelry you are selling comes from their shop. In addition, the original store will generally provide a relatively higher price.


5. Avoid Selling to Brokers

This point is no less important, as much as possible, sell it at the official gold shop. Besides being safer, the price offered by the shop will not fall too much than at a gold broker

Those were some tips and how to sell jewelry without a letter safely and correctly. But as much as possible if you purchase gold jewelry, make sure to store the documents properly so that when you sell you get the maximum price.