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As a 19 year old kid, I decided that defending my country in a time of war was the Patriotic thing to do. Believe it or not, I still feel the same way almost 30 years later...

Many protest the U.S. fighting wars abroad..."why not stay home and let others take care of thier problems..."

Well, the last time a war was fought in our own backyards...was the Civil War...

...and maybe, just maybe, stopping aggression in someone elses backyard rather than waiting til' it reached our own...hasn't been such a bad policy...

Images of Phu Bai, Republic of Viet Nam, 1972

J. T. Lamonde, Viet Nam 1972

The trained Viet Cong killing machine...Ha!


My McNally's Atlas for a while

Welcome to Phu Bai (FUBAR)

HQ, Phu Bai, Viet Nam (aka FUBAR, Messed Up Beyond All Repair)


I have to pay my THE WATCHTOWER. As a teenager, I manned this little 4' X 4' - 50 foot high lookout tower, 3 days in a row, every nine days. Different from manning a Starbunker -spending isolated time overlooking the compound perimeter gave one many a moment to think about life and death as the glow of the bombings in the distance lit the spooky night.


Me, relaxing with friends at a USO show

Peace - Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia peace patch purchased at the Phu Bai tailor shop...

VN girlband

An local all girl VN band always provoked thoughts of the gal you left my case, my wife Sue of only 6 months

8th RRFS, Phu Bai RVN

Our patch, 8th Radio Research Field Station,

A Company...Northernmost

the Gang

Enjoying one of our few pleasures, poker...the Gang

the Gang

The Gang...Louis Rusch (?), Me, David Callum (Florida) and

Dave Greenbank (Wisconsin)

the Great Phu Bai PX!!

The Phu Bai PX...where the Papst Blue Ribbon was king and the soap and M&Ms were rationed

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