A short list of notable or famous, Anglo-Saxon and/or Caucasian Muslims throughout Islamic history and the world today. Please Note: Photographs are of the individual named directly ABOVE them.

Imam Shamil (Legendary Daghestani Resistance Leader)

Muhammad Ali, Pasha of Egypt (Ottoman Ruler of Egypt from Albania)

Nerkesi Muhammed of Sarajevo (Bosnian Scholar)

Colonel Donald S. Rockwell (Poet and Author)

Shaykh Mansur (Chechen Muslim Mystic and Warrior)

Lord Headley al-Farooq (British Statesman, Lt. Colonel, Ed. of Salisbury Journal)

Gen. Charles William Buchanan Hamilton (Royal Navy, nephew of former US President James Buchanan)

Safvet beg Basagic Redzepasic (19th century Poet and Scholar)

Haji Zeynalabedin Taghiyev (philanthropist, oil magnate)
Read about his life Here

Muhammad Asad Leopold Weiss (Austrian journalist, statesman, and one of the leading Muslim scholars of the 20th century)

Marmaduke Pickthall (Bristish Muslim and Translator of Qur'an into English)
Buy his translation of the Qur'an HERE

Muhammad Alexander Russell Webb (19th century Journalist/former US Diplomat to the Philippines)
Brother Webb is said to be the first white American convert to Islam

Dr. Murad Wilfred Hofmann (Former German Ambassador, Director of Information NATO)

Knud Holmboe (Early 20th Century Danish Journalist)

Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens)

Aminah Assilmi (Former radical feminist, American convert/lecturer)

Imam Hamza Yusuf (American Muslim Scholar, co-founder of the Zaytuna Institute)

Sheikh Yusuf Estes (National Muslim Chaplain of America, former Christian missionary)

Ibrahim Hooper (former Director of CAIR)

Dr. Gary Miller (former Christian missionary, mathematician, theologian, and writer)

Ruqayyah Waris Maqsood (Formerly known as Rosalyn Kendrick)

Nuh Ha Mim Keller (American writer, translator, and scholar)

Nancy Ali (Former Roman Catholic Nun)

Joe Ahmed Dobson (son of British Secretary of State for Health, chairman of the Muslim Council of Britain's Regeneration Committee)

Abdal Hakim Murad (Muslim Scholar)

Khalid Blankinship (Chairman of Religion Dept. at Temple University)

Mario Scialoja (former Italian ambassador to Saudi Arabia [1994-95], head of Italy's Muslim League)

Torquato Cardeilli (Italy's current ambassador to Saudi Arabia)

Micheal Wolfe (Author, Film maker)
Buy Micheal's book "The Hajj" (about his pilgrimmage to Mecca)

Abdul Lateef Whiteman (Musician)

Viacheslav Polosin (former archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church)

Khadijah 'Sue' Watson (Former fundamentalist Protestant pastor)

Sahib Mustaqim Bleher (Co-founder Islamic Party of Britain, Ed. "Common Sense")

David Musa Pidcock (Co-founder Islamic Party of Britian, Institute of Rational Economics)

Eric Shrody, aka "Everlast" (Musician)

Dr. Martin Lings (Author/Scholar)

Dr. Vincent Mansur Cornell (Scholar/Historian)

Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore (American poet)
Visit his poetry site

Christine Huda Dodge (Writer, Educater, Website Host "Islam at About.com")
Read the story of her conversion

Lady Evelyn Zeinab Cobbold (British convert, featured in the book "Islam Our Choice")

Jeffrey Lang (Speaker/Author/Mathematics Professor @ University of Kansas)

Hakim Archulletta (Traditional Islamic healer/Specialist in Homeopathic Medicine)

Dr. Ingrid Mattson (VP of Islamic Society of North America, Prof. at Hartford Seminary)

Peter Sanders (famous photographer)

Alan Godlas (Prof. of Islamic Studies at U of Georgia)

Sofia Godlas (Artist, Consultant for the reconstruction of the Prophet's Masjid in Madina)

Daniel Hill (former Afghan Mujahid, anti-terrorism agent)

Charles Yarborough (the current Earl of Yarborough)

Jonathan Birt (the son of former director of the BBC, John Birt)

Charles Le Gai Eaton (former British diplomat)

John Nelson (first Englishman to convert to Islam in the 16th century)

Shaykh Abdullah Quilliam (Famous British Muslim activist and religious leader)
READ about more about Shaykh Abdullah

Alex Kronemer (produced PBS documentary "Muhammad: Legacy of the Prophet")

Alija Izetbegovic (the former president of Bosnia, led Muslim resistance against Molosivic, and author)

Hedley Churchward (painter, set designer, first known British Muslim to make Hajj around 1910)

Amherst Tysson (British writer and poet, lawyer)

Yvonne Ridley (British journalist, formerly held captive by Taliban)

Sh. Umar Faruq Abdullah (founder of the Nawawi Institute in Chicago and scholar)

Aisha Bewley (translator, writer and poet; teacher of Islamic law in England)

Kabir and Camille Helminski (translators of Rumi's poetry, writers, artists)

Shaykh Mustafa Ceric (Chief Alim of Bosnia)
Read About Ceric

Julien Jalaleddin Weiss (Musician, performs with the al Kindi ensemble)

Shaykh Shahidullah Faridi (British Sufi Shaykh of the Sabriyya Chisti Order)

Ian Dallas, aka Abdulqadir al-Murabit (Scottish convert, actor and author)

Shems Friedlander (scholar, film maker)

S. Abdullah Schleiffer (poet, journalist)

Yahiya Emerick (scholar & author)

Suhayb Webb (scholar)

Dawud Wharnsby Ali (musician)

Dr. Jerald Dirks (scholar & author)

Rene Guenon (French intellectual & co-founder of Traditionalist School)

Frithjof Schuon (intellectual, artist, & co-founder of Traditionalist School)

As noted above, this is a list of famous and NOTABLE Caucasian Muslims, meaning not all of them are necessarily "famous" but have received attention because of their own unique stories or contributions to the Muslim community.

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