The Wedding Plans are coming along...we are getting married at the Chapel Of The Bells in Reno, NV and both of Dan's parents will be able to make it!!!!  Last Tuesday I was supposed to fly out to Rocky Mount NC to visit my friend Kathy, however Tyler smacked into a telephone pole playing football with his friends and ended up with a concussion that thankfully did not cause too much damage, Tyler is doing fine...just a good scare...was able to rebook my flight and spent Thursday thur Sunday with Kathy and her family.  Now I am back home and quite exhausted as well as excited about our heading out on Friday for Reno.


Great News!!!! 
Dan and I are getting married in Reno, NV on October 15, 2005.  We just set the date on Monday and are now just getting all the odds and ends together.  We are very excited and Tyler will be joining us along with Wayne & Kayemomma, Susan, Ethan, Mikey & Vanessa, Rod, Annie, Flor, Stephanie, Sean & Anthony and possibily my brother John and his wife Elena.  I will give a full report upon our return.


So much has happened since this time last year...Went to Germany with my EOTS Family and shared with Dan Weale that I was head over heels in Love with him.  Went to India with my EOTS Family and have no words except "Thank You Wayne" for one of the most amazing experiences of this lifetime.  Sold the AZ house in December...Mikey and David (his best friend) moved into their own apartment in Mesa, AZ.  Tyler and I moved to Yreka, CA...Tyler loves his school...his new friends and his EOTS Family.  Went with Wayne, Kaye and Dan to Oahu, Hawaii and sort of honeymooned together.

Tyler and I drove 2200 miles round-trip to visit Ethan (who has safely returned from Iraq) and Mikey, David, Gene, Kenny, Gina, Brian and Eric...while we were away Dan moved out of his Ashland apartment and moved in with us here in Yreka.

Nathan & Stephanie have given birth to Sheilah Surget!!!!!!  Welcome Sheilah.  Will find out all the info when I get to talk to them.

Today we got up at 5am for QT and around 6:30am Dan comes running through saying "it's snowing...it's snowing!!!  We have tulips and grass and blooming trees covered in snow right now...it is so beautiful here.  More at another time...we are meeting with the EOTS family and Susanne (who has flown in from Spain) for lunch at Casa Ramos (Yreka's Mexican delight restaurant).
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