Spring showers have started here in AZ.  Ethan is currently in Iraq and has called a few times to let us know he is well and not seeing much action, thank goodness.  He is watching movies he gets off the blackmarket like Kill Bill and a few others so he is happy at least that he has something to do and spend his money on :o).   Mikey began the process to enroll at Scottsdale Community College and I a m filling out the financial applications.  Tyler is getting way into skateboarding and is sleeping much better since he started.  Mr. Pullan and Sammy are slowly becoming friendlier towards each other and Joy is going to Germany in 2 days until the 16th of April.  Very exciting.  Also she started working at Transcription Express, doing transcription from home.  HAPPY APRIL EVERYONE!!
Today is Nathan's 29th BIRTHDAY!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!!  We love you!   Ethan came home last Thursday and stayed till this Monday...took Tyler to the skatepark and we all went over to Fry's electronics to drool over all the new toys and software and games...Ethan brought the boys a PS2 and they have been all playing non-stop.  Joy got a job...I know I know sounds crazy but it did happen!  Working from home doing transcription...she loves loves loves it and it is going well thus far.  Mikey got a hair cut or shall we say hair buzz...he is almost a balding about a 1/4 inch from his scalp :o)  That's about all the news for now!
Not too much has been going on.  Kaye had a layover at the Phoenix Airport so Susan and I got to visit with her.  Mike is working on some new videos and is planning on taking his C++ class at SCC.  He got his GED!  I am so proud of him.  Tyler had an oratorical at school and memorized a full page of speech and performed as JFK...he did an awesome job.  I am currently working on my webpage writings and will have some posted shortly.  All is well here in AZ!
We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year...Ethan came home from Ft. Bliss, TX and shared the holidays with us.  Mike has received his diploma from High School (woo-hoo) and is sorta kinda looking for work.  Tyler is playing JFK in an oratorical this week at school and it has been challenging to get either one of us to sit down and practice his role.  My brother Noah just got word that he is being sent home and will not be going to Iraq woo-hoo again!!!  So far this year...with the exception of Ethan being gone is off to a good Start.  Noah was taken to Ft. Dix on the 9th of January for his duty...but has been released and is supposed to be home on the 18th!!! WOO-HOO!!! Let's get Ethan home too!
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